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Joshua Till takes Mini Stock victory at Senoia Raceway

By Ted Austad
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SENOIA, Ga. - Joshua Till scored his first Senoia Raceway win of the 2020 season in Saturday night’s Mini-Stock feature at the Georgia speedway.

Till, the grandson of Georgia Racing Hall of Famer Mike Head, overtook David Brackett on the second lap of the feature, and held off Jeff Dean to score the win on Head’s birthday.

David Walker followed in third, with Brandon Henderson in fourth and Tommy Faulkner in fifth.

In other action, Dylan Knowles scored the win in the Crate Late Model feature, with Marty Massey in second, Matthew Wyatt in third, Tanner Collins in fourth and Dusty Jones in fifth.

Brandon McDaniel held off all challenges from his older brother Wiley McDaniel to post his first win of the season in the Late Model Sportsman feature. The two battled side-by-side for several laps before the Wiley McDaniel faded in the late stages of the feature. Morgan Alexander finished second, followed by Braxtin Barber in third, Wiley McDaniel in fourth and Jack Mills in fifth.

Dennis Hale scored his second Limited Late Model win of the year. Glenn Morris followed in second, with Rucker Orr third, Chaz Haskins fourth and Marty Lunsford fifth.

Jamie Godbee was the winner in the Chargers feature, with Will McConnell, Jonathan Flourney, Payton Stevenson, and Cody Lively rounding out the top five.

Chris Steele took home top honors in the Hobby feature. Landon DeGraff finished in second, with James Swanger in third, Randy Cornwell in fourth and Michael Thomas in fifth.

Dustin Smith was the winner in the Bomber feature, with Lark Haskins in second, William Blair in third, Craig Boozer in fourth, and Joey Ward in fifth.

Rick Ricks scored the win in the Hot Shots feature. James Drummond followed in second, with Ernie Turner in third, Cory Wilson in fourth and Jonathan Nelson in fifth.

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Senoia Raceway – Senoia, GA
Race Results – June 27, 2020

Limited Late Models
1. Dennis Hale
2. Glenn Morris
3. Rucker Orr
4. Chaz Haskins
5. Marty Lunsford
6. Jacques Daniel
7. Curtis Cline
8. Craig Scott
9. Dow Kirkland
10. Jamie Carr
11. Larry Pierce
12. Landon Bagby
13. Clint Smith
DNS: Joshua Nolff

Crate Late Models
1. Dylan Knowles
2. Marty Massey
3. Matthew Wyatt
4. Tanner Collins
5. Dusty Jones
6. Cody Haskins
7. Colby Darda
8. Dustin Elliott
9. Kyler Haygood
10. Jake Rainey
11. Wayne Harbin
12. McKenna Nelms
13. Tina Johnson
14. Jamie Maurice
15. Tim Clarke

Late Model Sportsman
1. Brandon McDaniel
2. Morgan Alexander
3. Braxtin Barber
4. Wiley McDaniel
5. Jack Mills
6. Jason Turner
7. John Strickland
8. Parrish Duncan
9. Chris McKeehan
10. Jeff Norell
11. Jamie Nicholson, Jr.
12. Mike Abercrombie

1. Jamie Godbee
2. Will McConnell
3. Jonathan Flourney
4. Payton Stevenson
5. Cody Lively
6. Nathan Pierson
7. Johnny Stinchcomb
8. Jimmy Baxter, Jr.
9. Jesse Pitt

1. Chris Steele
2. Landon DeGraff
3. James Swanger
4. Randy Cornwell
5. Michael Thomas
DNS: Ben Steele

1. Dustin Smith
2. Lark Haskins
3. William Blair
4. Craig Boozer
5. Joey Ward
DNS: Ben Snider
DNS: Curtis Turner

Mini Stock
1. Joshua Till
2. Jeff Dean
3. David Walker
4. Brandon Henderson
5. Tommy Faulkner
6. Justin Brackett
7. Devin Benton
8. Bobby Faulkner
9. David Brackett
10. Bo Chambers
DNS: Travis Harris

Hot Shots
1. Rick Ricks
2. James Drummond
3. Ernie Turner
4. Cory Wilson
5. Jonathan Nelson
6. Cory Greene
7. Paul Heitsenrether
8. Stacey Henderson
9. Steve Clinton
10. Brian Cosier
11. Tommy Smith

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