Thursday September 16th, 2021 5:50PM

Pets are the life of the party

By Alyson Shields Reporter

Why did the Doberman get pulled over?

Cause he didn’t drive like a Sober-man.

Pet jokes are pretty universal. You can tell a dog or a cat joke at a party and virtually everyone in the group will engage. Most people have pets or have had pets, so they relate. Those who haven’t had pets before usually have a solid reason which leads them to also laughing at a pet joke because they don’t actually have to deal with it.

My favorite joke of all time is a cat joke. It used to be I couldn’t tell this joke without laughing hysterically, but I’ve gotten down to just giggling at the end.

Where do cats go on vacations?

The MEOW-ntains.

Alternatively, if they like the weather better they can go to Maui… MEOW-i.

In social situations, dogs and cats provide us familiar and comforting hilarity in an otherwise nerve-tingling situation (yes, introverts, extroverts tingle too, just differently.) Birds, lizards and other exotic creatures pique curiosities and allow for photo gallery time. Exotic or luxury pets, like alpacas, teacup pigs and horses attract a niche audience, while farm folk will grip a crowd with what life is really like with all those critters.

Pets are literally the life of the party, even when they aren’t at the party. Or the party is full of people you don’t know. Or there is no party and it’s just you at home.

Like in a pandemic.

On our daily walks, Smidge has a fan club. Some fans I can’t remember the names of and who can’t remember mine, but who cares? We’re all here for Smidge, mkay? Smidge is complimented on her shiny coat and how she’s lost weight and how she’s not barking. We talk about her diet and her training. People go slow, knowing she get a little nervous around people. They stand very still when she sniffs their shoes.

It’s nice to have groups like this, where you connect over something really nice (like your dog) and just use that to propel the connection forward. It’s not a big commitment but still allows for activity and communication outside your normal circle.

Trust me, pets are fantastic ice breakers. That’s why single dudes adopt puppies, it’s both a conversation piece AND a companion AND a back-up plan in case he’s alone forever. So brush up on your pupper and kitteh jokes for your next post-pandemic party. I’ll leave you with one more. It’s a special one for all you Gainesville folks.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Well, you had to get home from the grocery store some how.

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