Thursday January 21st, 2021 6:36AM

It's time to move on

By Mitch Clarke Director of News and Content

Republicans had a very good night on November 3. There were gains in state houses and governorships; there were gains in the U. S. House of Representatives including a doubling of the number of Republican women elected. In Georgia, Republicans maintained control and had about 53% of the votes cast over all (many were in unopposed races and there was drop off in the Presidential and U. S. Senate races). In the special election to replace Sen. Johnny Isakson, more GOP votes were cast than Democrat votes which bodes well for a head to head between Loeffler and Warnock. 

We’ve got a lot to be encouraged about, but we are fractured. Part is from that grueling special election. There will be time to sort out the impact; the goal now should be to elect Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue on January 5th. However, there will be a real reckoning on what happened. Congressman Collins’ entry into the race cost the Georgia voter in total a great deal and the Republican Party specifically. If we are not truthful in our assessment, we won’t help anybody. 

So what is next? I believe the President cannot overcome his deficit in Georgia or any other state he needs to win. I believe he needs to put the country, the whole country, that he loves so much first and concede. He can still run for another term and hopefully, he will take advice of the experts he hires. 

I don’t believe in “shoulda, coulda, woulda,” I believe people should learn from their mistakes. The best thing that ever happened to me was losing a race for Congress to Doug Collins. I have done so many interesting things and supported successfully so many state and national leaders. I have been truly blessed. I was also able to be a good wife to my husband while he was fighting cancer and that is the most important thing. 

So here’s my unsolicited advice to the President:

Graciously accept defeat and live to fight another day. Be Presidential. You have done more for America in 4 years than most 2-term presidents. They will be writing about the Trump Courts for generations and the Supreme Court will be conservative. 

Help with the transition. 

Take some real time to think about what has happened and be honest with yourself about why. 

I voted for you, I support you, and I want you to be successful and I love my country more than any person I vote for and sometimes you need to do the hard thing, even if you think it’s not fair in order to do the right thing. That is what makes the mettle of a person. If you accept your fate, your supporters will to and they will be with you in 2024 if you choose to run again. 

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