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Chastain breaks into SLM win column at Dixie Speedway

By Jeff Smith
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Johnny Chastain topped a stout 18-car field to score Saturday’s Super Late Model feature victory at Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, Georgia on Squidbillies Waterless Boat Race night.

The Murphy, North Carolina driver held Justin Shipley at a healthy distance en route to the win.

Shipley finished in second after spending most of the race holding off pole sitter Jason Croft. In the end, Croft had to settle for a third place finish, with T.J. Reaid in fourth and Eric Granger in fifth.

In other action, Dalton Polston led flag-to-flag to win Steelhead/525 Championship feature. Behind him, the rest of the top five ran a close race up to the end, with Taylor Puckett coming home in second. Oliver Gentry finished in third, followed by Jacques Daniel in fourth and Cass Fowler in fifth.

Devin Stuart scored his first career Dixie Speedway win in the Crate Late Model feature, holding off Will Roland in second. With the time limit shortening the race due to a couple of lengthy cautions, John Harrison, Zach Pilcher and David Eubanks rounded out the top five.

Taylor Cole also scored his first career win at Dixie Speedway, taking the victory in the 602 Sportsman feature. Chris Hough followed in second, with Nick May in third, Daniel Brewer in fourth, and Matthew Knight in fifth.

Dan Meadows took his fifth Economy Bomber feature win of the year, with Dylan Armstrong second, Shane Duncan third, Stacey Duren fourth and Derek Young fifth.

Kenny Clark made his way to the front of the Street Stingers feature, and went on to score the victory. Chris Bragg, Rick Ricks, Taylor Simmons, and Jason Young rounded out the top five.

Also on Saturday night, Dixie Speedway hosted the annual Waterless Boat Race, sponsored by Adult Swim’s Squidbillies cartoon. Darrin Ray survived for the popular win.

Dixie Speedway is back in action on Saturday, August 24. For more info, visit DixieSpeedway.com.

Dixie Speedway – Woodstock, GA
Race Results – August 10, 2019

Super Late Models
1. Johnny Chastain
2. Justin Shipley
3. Jason Croft
4. T.J. Reaid
5. Eric Granger
6. Tyler Millwood
7. Ricky Williams
8. Granger Howell
9. Lamar Haygood
11. Rick Jennings
12. Matt Dooley
13. Scott Hall
14. Kyler Haygood
15. Wayne Echols
16. Craig Scott
17. Buster Goss
DNS: Rodney Martin

Steelhead/525 Championship
1. Dalton Polston
2. Taylor Puckett
3. Oliver Gentry
4. Jacques Daniel
5. Cass Fowler
6. Dale Thurman
7. Drew Benefield
8. Jody Knowles
9. Jimmy Price
10. Randall Powell
11. Jimmy Johnson
12. Bob Johnson
13. John Williams
14. Tate McCollum
15. Garrett Williams
16. Tom Watson
DNS: Donnie Whatley
DNS: Chris Fennell

Crate Late Models
1. Devin Stuart
2. Will Roland
3. John Harrison
4. Zach Pilcher
5. David Eubanks
6. Luther Jenkins
7. Dustin Rogers
8. Don Jenkins
9. Andy Morris
10. Ty Ellis
11. John Sexton
12. Jake Pilgrim
13. Daniel Casteel
14. Danny Richards
15. Clay Fancher

602 Sportsman
1. Taylor Cole
2. Chris Hough
3. Nick May
4. Daniel Brewer
5. Matthew Knight
6. Chris Sizemore
7. Alan Brewer
8. Dawson Martin
9. Chad Kimbrall
10. Wesley Scott
11. Brian Womack
12. Petey Cochran
13. Logan Johnson
14. Josh Martin
15. Jackie Waites
16. Rob Johnson
17. Steve Brannon

Economy Bomber
1. Dan Meadows
2. Dylan Armstrong
3. Shane Duncan
4. Stacey Duren
5. Derek Young
6. Randy Ledford
7. Donnie Smith
8. Jonathan Morris
9. Robert Carey
10. Justin Begley
11. Matt Janssen
12. Marty Beckwith
13. Andrew Findley

Street Stingers
1. Kenny Clark
2. Chris Bragg
3. Rick Ricks
4. Taylor Simmons
5. Jason Young
6. Daniel Turner
7. P.B. Henry
8. Zach Stone
9. Seth Minter
10. Allan Goodfriend

Squidbillies Waterless Boat Race
1. Darrin Ray

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