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Brooks bags first Boyd’s Late Model victory of 2019

By Brandon Reed Reporter
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It took all season, but Booger Brooks finally broke into victory lane at Boyd’s Speedway in Ringgold, Georgia for the first time in 2019 on Saturday night.

The Chickamauga, Georgia speedster started second in the Super/Limited Late Model feature, but made his way to the point. From there, he held off Jay Scott for the win at the 1/3-mile clay raceway.

Justin Litchford followed in third, with Ronnie Johnson in fourth and Tod Hernandez in fifth.

In other action, Ethan Hunter held off Colby Kilgore for the victory in the Crate Late Model feature. Bryan Pritchard finished in third, with William Blankenship in fourth and Hayden Ownby in fifth.

Jake Green scored the win in the Sportsman feature. Evan Wrinkle followed in second, with Lance Harris in third, Larry Higgins in fourth and Canon Cochren in fifth.

Brad Cross topped the Hot Shots feature field to take the win. Earnest Turner, Austin Cope and Cody Johnson rounded out the top four.

Jeff Allen took top honors in the Hobby feature. James Burkhart finished second, with Greg Tinker third, Tyler Dixon fourth and Delbert Hayes fifth.

Lamar Hughes was the winner in the Super Stock feature. Tommy Gilbert and Canden Myers rounded out the podium.

Hayden Swaney scored the victory in the Driver Development Class feature. Sawyer Tucker followed in second, with Colsen Cochran in third, Charley Howell in fourth and Derek Hicks in fifth.

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Boyd’s Speedway – Ringgold, GA
Race Results – August 3, 2019

Super/Limited Late Models
1. 60-Booger Brooks
2. J27-Jay Scott
3. 4-Justin Litchford
4. 6D-Ronnie Johnson
5. 6T-Tod Hernandez
6. 31H-Robby Mason
7. 17-Andy Miller
8. 22T-Mike Tinker
9. 12T-Dan Tipton
10. 22-Brent Clark
11. 83-Chuck Christopher

Crate Late Models
1. 15-Ethan Hunter
2. 44-Colby Kilgore
3. 3-Bryan Pritchard
4. 32B-William Blankenship
5. H0-Hayden Ownby
6. 17J-Justin Cameron
7. 50-Floyd Tuner
8. 33-Mike Evans
9. 84-Ryan Tims

1. 41-Jake Green
2. E7-Evan Wrinkle
3. 55-Lance Harris
4. 20-Larry Higgins
5. 33C-Canon Cochren
6. 4F-Dereck Frank
7. 10-John Clark
8. 11-Donnie Van Winkle
9. 3C-Carden Cockern
10. 73-Carl Shamhart
11. 14W-Chris Whitted
12. 15-Scottie Hogan
13. 34-Adam Earwood
DNS: 4-Scott Franks

Hot Shots
1. 20-Brad Cross
2. 14T-Earnest Turner
3. 88K-Austin Cope
4. 9-Cody Johnson

1. 47-Jeff Allen
2. 48-James Burkhart
3. 1-Greg Tinker
4. 5-Tyler Dixon
5. 05-Delbert Haynes
DQ: 3-Richard Dixon

Super Stock
1. 01-Lamar Hughes
2. T19-Tommy Gilbert
3. 19-Canden Myers

Driver Development Class
1. 52-Hayden Swaney
2. 21-Sawyer Tinker
3. 23C-Colsen Cochran
4. 75-Charley Howell
5. 29H-Derek Hicks
6. 14-Cade Brookshire
7. 1-Dillon Peterman

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