Sunday May 31st, 2020 10:01AM

Banks County designates Blackwell as senior magistrate judge

By Rob Moore Reporter

HOMER – There’s a new senior judge in Northeast Georgia, and Banks County Commission Chairman Jimmy Hooper could not be happier about it.

During its meeting Tuesday night, the Banks County Commission voted to designate Bobby Blackwell as senior magistrate judge.

“He is one of my closest and dearest friends,” Hooper said. “I have probably close to 50 years’ worth of connections with he and his beautiful wife and his son, Little Bob. He’s done an outstanding service for the citizens of Banks County. He truly, truly is one of the most compassionate, caring people that you’d ever meet. He’s married hundreds of people.”

Hooper and other commissioners say Blackwell served well for more than 30 years and deserves the designation.

“He loves Banks County,” Hooper said. “He’s been in Banks County all of his life. I think he’s 94 years old and he knows the history. He’s lived the history in Banks County. For me to be able to put it in a motion to honor him and recognize him as a senior judge kind of made my day.”

Commissioner Charles Turk seconded Hooper’s motion, with all voting in favor.

Chief Magistrate Judge Ivan Mote also was present to answer questions about the designation.

“The biggest part of it is I think he’s still going to be able to marry people, so that’s a good thing,” Hooper said. “It’s always good to have quality people like that in the county, and he’s a safety net and a backup. He’s more than willing to do anything he can for Banks County.”

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