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Hickman takes Super/Limited Late Model win at Boyd’s

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While rain washed out most of the race track in north Georgia over the weekend, Boyd’s Speedway was an exception, as the 3/8-mile clay speedway in Ringgold, Georgia got a full program in.

Among the drivers who raced between the raindrops was Riley Hickman, who drove to the victory in the combined Super/Limited Late Model feature.

The Cleveland, Tennessee native was second fastest in qualifying, and powered past pole sitter Cruz Skinner on lap two to take the lead.

From there, Hickman cruised to the victory, with Skinner having to settle for second. Heath Hindman followed in third, with Jadon Frame in fourth and Todd Hernandez in fifth.

Robby Mason, Andrew Littleton, Jason Manley, Jordan Judge, and Jerry Hendrix rounded out the top ten.

In other action, Jesse Lowe took the win in the Crate Late Model feature. John Ownbey finished in second, followed by Ethan Hunter in third, Jadon Frame in fourth and Kasey Hall in fifth.

Larry Harris was the winner in Sportsman feature, with Jake Green second, Josh Beagan third, Ryan Zebeau fourth and Scottie Hogan fifth.

Brad Cross scored the victory in the Hot Shots feature. Nathan Adams, Nate Presley, Tracy Cagle and Mitch Junior rounded out the top five.

James Burkhart crossed the finish line ahead of Brandon Standfield to take the Hobby feature win. Jeff Allen finished third, followed by Natasha Davenport in fourth.

Doyle Burk recorded the victory in the Outlaw Mini Stock feature, with Dylan Cole in second, Franklin Burk in third and Jeremy Griffith in fourth.

Tommy Gilbert scored the win in the Super Stock feature. Lamar Hughes finished in second, with Evan Wrinkle, Jr. in third, Johnny Hughes in fourth and Jeff Irvin in fifth.

Sawyer Tinker took the victory in the Driver Development Class feature, with Halley Adams in second, Cade Brookshire in third and Joey Payne in fourth.

Boyd’s Speedway returns to action on Saturday, April 27. Check for more information.

Boyd’s Speedway – Ringgold, GA
Race Results – April 20, 2019

Super/Limited Late Models
1. 1R-Riley Hickman
2. 11-Cruz Skinner
3. 91-Heath Hindman
4. J8-Jadon Frame
5. 6T-Todd Hernandez
6. 31H-Robby Mason
7. 87-Andrew Littleton
8. 32-Jason Manley
9. 7-Jordan Judge
10. 29J-Jerry Hendrix
11. 4-Justin Litchford
12. 22-Will Roland
13. 56H-Jordan Horton
14. 46-Jim Clark
15. 83-Chuck Christopher
16. 23S-Justin Owens

Crate Late Models
1. 5J-Jesse Lowe
2. J0-John Ownbey
3. 15-Ethan Hunter
4. J8-Jadon Frame
5. 38-Kasey Hall
6. D5-Kenny Collins
7. 3-Bryan Pritchard
8. 14LP-Logan Palmer
9. 13-Ronnie Johnson
10. H0-Hayden Ownby
11. 7-Shannon Davis
12. 17J-Justin Cameron
13. 32B-William Blankenship
14. 33-Michael Evans
15. 22-Freddie Smith

1. 20-Larry Harris
2. 41-Jake Green
3. 5B-Josh Beagan
4. 10Z-Ryan Zebeau
5. 15-Scottie Hogan
6. 10-John Clark
7. 17-Kevin Mulkey
8. 33-Warren McMahan
9. 50-Adam Mitchell
10. 10P-Terry Painter
11. 73-Carl Shamhart
12. J1-Justin Winters
DQ: 4F-Derek Franks
DQ: 11H-Patrick Harvey

Hot Shots
1. 11-Brad Cross
2. 93A-Nathan Adams
3. N99-Nate Presley
4. 77-Tracy Cagle
5. X113-Mitch Junior
6. 57J-Brandon Jenkins
7. 127-Shannon Hollifield
8. 14T-Ernest Turner
9. 9-Dillion Patterson
DNS: 7-James Shelton

1. 48-James Burkhart
2. 28-Brandon Standfield
3. 47-Jeff Allen
4. 27-Natasha Davenport

Outlaw Mini Stocks
1. 32JR-Doyle Burk
2. 426-Dylan Cole
3. 32-Franklin Burk
4. 28-Jeremy Griffith
DNS: 19T-Shawn Tenpenny

Super Stock
1. T19-Tommy Gilbert
2. 10-Lamar Hughes
3. 1NS-Evan Wrinkle, Jr.
4. 01-Johnny Hughes
5. 38-Jeff Irvin
6. 19-Jim Gilbert
DNS: 84-Eric Hughes

Driver Development Class
1. 21-Sawyer Tinker
2. 32-Halley Adams
3. 14-Cade Brookshire
4. 15-Joey Payne

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