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Gainesville High senior's work tops field in annual Kiwanis Club Youth Art Month contest

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A painting by a Gainesville High School senior was judged Best in Show in this year's Kiwanis Club of Gainesville Youth Art Month contest, held each year in conjunction with the  Quinlan Visual Arts Center.

Catie Cook's "Plunge," a watercolor on paper, topped all entries by young artists in public and private schools across Hall County.   Second place went to Max Pethel, Lakeview Academy, for an etching titled "Predator," and the third-place Best of Show winner is Michelle Pinonez, East Hall High School, for a pastel titled "Colorful Symphony."

The Youth Art Month exhibition is on display at The Quinlan now through April 6.


*6th Grade

1st : Niko Benz, Lakeview Academy, “Untitled” acrylic drawing, G 40.

2nd : Kaylee Parker, Academies of Discovery at South Hall Middle, “Catoflague”, mixed media, G 49.

3rd: Victoria Chester, Academies of Discovery at South Hall Middle, “Camera”, linoleum print, G 46.

HM: Dalilah Michelle Arana, Gainesville Middle, “Untitled”, watercolor, G 53.

*7th Grade

1st: Yhadira Hernandez, Academies of Discovery at South Hall Middle, “Triangle Trap”, mixed media, G 13.

2nd: Makayla Casteel, Academies of Discovery at South Hall Middle, “Tiny Pond”, photography, G 8.

3rd: Eva Shoaf, Lanier Christian Academy, “Peacock”, acrylic, G 15.

HM: Justin Serrano, Academies of Discovery at South Hall Middle, “Fog City”, spray paint, G 18.

*8th Grade

1st: Radhika Rasania, Academies of Discovery at South Hall Middle, “Citrus Down the Block”, collage, T 3.

2nd: Isabel Mares, Academies of Discovery at South Hall Middle, “Swoosh”, acrylic, T 7.

3rd: Noah Burton, Lanier Christian Academy, “City Underwater”, computer graphics, T 41.

HM: Cynthia Benitez, Academies of Discovery at South Hall Middle, “Four Fruits”, colored pencil, watercolor, T 21.

*9th Grade

1st: Bennett Hylton, Lakeview Academy, “Mayan Steps”, wood sculpture, T 52.

2nd: Sarah Heisch, North Hall High School, “Motherly Garden”, clay, T 67.

3rd: Shealyn Schultz, Flowery Branch High School, “Self Portrait”, graphite, T 65.

HM: Kara Bowmar, Chestatee High School, “Silhouette”, mixed media, T 63.

*10th Grade

1st: Michelle Pinonez, East Hall High School, “Colorful Sympathy”, pastel, B 72.

2nd: Salah Haddad, Lakeview Academy, “Mush”, photography, B 77.

3rd: Mary Wilson, Lanier Christian Academy, “The Moon Goddess”, watercolor, B 78.

HM: Jasmine Seabolt, Gainesville High School, “Drops of Ruby”, ceramics, B 66.

*11th Grade

1st: Max Pethel, Lakeview Academy, “Predator”, etching, B 19.

2nd: Alex Sexton, Art in Jill’s Garden, “Guardian of the Galaxy”, polymer clay, B 8.

3rd: Austin Ericson, Riverside Military Academy, “Serene Serpentine”, stone, B 36.

HM: Adelia Morris, Lanier Christian Academy, “The Light Shines in Darkness and the Darkness Comprehends it not”, chalk pastels, B 32.

*12th Grade

1st:Catie Cook, Gainesville High School, “Plunge”, watercolor on paper, JM 122.

2nd: Mason Sisk, Homeschooled, “Spring”, paper sculpture, RM 4.

3rd: JoAnna Dicuson, Chestatee High School, “Chief”, paint and pencil, RM 6.

HM: Jack Kennedy, Lakeview Academy, “Womb”, pen, JM 88.

*Best in Show

1st: Catie Cook, Gainesville High School, “Plunge”, watercolor on paper, JM 122.

2nd: Max Pethel, Lakeview Academy, “Predator”, etching, B 19.

3rd: Michelle Pinonez, East Hall High School, “Colorful Sympathy”, pastel, B 72.

HM: Mason Sisk, Homeschooled, “Spring”, paper sculpture, RM 4.

*GEORGIA ART LEAGUE YOUNG ARTIST AWARD (6th – 8th Grades) 6th Grade: Lily Norton, “Meteor Shower (Self portrait), watercolor, S. Hall Middle, G 51. 7th Grade: Justin Serrano, “Fog City”, spray paint, S. Hall Middle, G 18.

8th Grade: Josh Hart, “In Your Mind’s Eye”, graphic art, Lanier Christian Academy, T 49.

*Gainesville City School System Superintendent Awards.  Dr. Jeremy H. Williams picked winners from Elementary, Middle and High School:

Elementary - Birch Trees in Snow by Navael Reyes (watercolor); Centennial, 4th Grade

Middle - Untitled by Axel Angeles (colored pencil); Gainesville Middle School, 8th Grade

High - Ramble by Catie Cook (watercolor print); Gainesville High School, 12th Grade

*Quinlan Visual Arts Center 2019 Youth Art Month “Rising Star, Artist of Tomorrow” Award Student Catie Cook, Gainesville High School

*Jurors' Statements:

Heather Foster, UNG professor of Drawing and Painting: What an amazing collection of art, it was an absolute thrill and an honor to jury this exhibition! Catie Cook takes us to a polar bears’ brisk, liquid realm with her huge watercolor painting “Plunge”. She deftly handled the medium, her bear, the reflections in the water, and the myriad of blue hues look as effortless as a graceful springtime dip. Pethel’s “Transgression or Transcendence” confronts a ghostly feline. Leaves shimmer, black and white, and swirl around slit, nocturnal eyes. One cannot help but be dazzled by the print. Pethel’s considered markmaking and sensitivity to light and shadow recall the masterful works of Kathe Kollwitz.

Pinonez’s “Colorful Sympathy”, stretches and abstracts human figures. She shows us the unseen world of music , writhing and pulsating as pattern and fully saturated color. The surface is inundated with pigment and exudes an aura. Lastly Sisk’s “Spring” is a sculpture that is keenly aware of color. The muted blue-greens in the lichen pair so well with the faint pinks in the blossoms. Also, the seamless transition from found tree branch to hand made paper flowers is impressive. The whimsical piece transports one to sunny fairytale afternoon.

Frank Norton, Jr.,  Artist, Vision 2030 Art Committee Member: The Youth Art Month show is always my favorite to see the powerof art through the eyes of children and youth, to see the power of hand movement of putting pen to paper, to see the perspective of youthful eyes in subject and proportion is always amazing. Hall County Art Leadership is commended in their guidance and instruction. This is the best of collaboration, Quinlan Art Instructors, students and Kiwanis and Gainesville. To the artist I challenge you to continue to see the world through your unique lens, to the team of art instructors keep pushing innovation and technique, you are helping Hall County Vision 2030 to spread ART EVERYWHERE.

Celeste McCollough, Artist and Quinlan Art Instructor: After looking at all the pieces in a category, I “close my eyes” and see which pieces I immediately recall as stand-outs. Typically, those are the pieces that have a clarity in the statement presented by the artist, which usually manifests itself in skill full use of the medium, use of color, and/or values, composition, and emotive content. It was a joy to judge this show. The diversity of expression and depth of skill in general made many of the choices difficult. All of the artists in the show should be encouraged to carry on with the good wo

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