Friday March 22nd, 2019 4:53AM

Hall County considering code amendments to give residential developments 'consistency, flexibility'

By AccessWDUN Staff

The Hall County Planning Commission will consider amending the County's code for Planned Residential Developments to ensure more "uniformity and consistency."

The current PRD code was adopted in 2003. The proposed amendments include establishing minimums to development elements such as lot area, lot width, setbacks, buffers and landscaping. They also establish minimums on entrances, sidewalks, open space, cluster mailbox units and property management.

County Planning & Development Director Srikanth Yamala said while the amendments would provide clearer guidelines for PRDs, they would also allow for more flexibility when it comes to the coordinated design of the development of the property.

"These amendments allow for a mixture of housing types, such as single-family, two-family and multi-family, based on a proposed site plan," said Yamala.

He said the amendments also would encourage developers to take maximum advantage of natural features through proper site-planning measures.

Hall County District 4 Commissioner Jeff Stowe said the new amendments ensure that any new development conforms to the existing character and development pattern of the larger, surrounding area.

"This requires that every effort be made to preserve and protect existing residential areas from the adverse impact that could accompany a higher density development," said Stowe.

The Hall County Planning Commission is set to hold a public hearing on the amendments on March 18.

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