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Dusty Jones scores cool “Winter Thaw” win at Senoia

By Ted Austad
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SENOIA. – Dusty Jones opened up the 2019 race season at Georgia’s Senoia Raceway with a victory on Saturday night in the Limited Late Model portion of the track’s inaugural “Winter Thaw” race.

Jones, of LaGrange, battled with Ahnnah Parkhurst on the start. Jones would use the high line to take the lead on lap six. He would show the way for the rest of the event, finishing nearly half a lap ahead of John Baker en route to the victory.

Jacques Daniel came home in third, with Parkhurst in fourth and Glenn Morris in fifth.

In other action, Payton Freeman of Commerce wrestled the lead away from Mason Massey on lap 11 of the Crate Late Model feature and went on to record the victory. Marty Massey finished in second, with Mason Massey in third, Bailey Temples in fourth and Joe Williamson in fifth.

Veteran racer Jack Mills dominated the Late Model Sportsman feature to score his first Senoia Raceway victory in a few years. Kevin Bennett, Wiley McDaniel, Jamie Nicholson, Jr. and Chad Atha rounded out the top five.

In the Hobby feature, Blake Harmon took the lead after his dad, Tim Harmon, and Ben Steele tangled while racing for the top spot. Blake Harmon went on to score the win, with Austin Aldridge in second, Ryan Ray in third, Landon Degraff in fourth and Tim Harmon in fifth.

Jamie Godbee was involved in an early race mishap in the Mini Stock feature and had to race his way back through the pack to retake the lead with five laps to go. Godbee would never look back, as he went on to post the win over Steven Burnette in second, Harold Leath in third, Doug Smith in fourth and Cody Lively in fifth.

Brandon McDaniel led flag to flag the Bombers feature, with Jason Turner

It was a similar situation in the Chargers feature. McDonough’s Jason Turner led every lap of the feature for the newer competitors at the track, while Clinton Thornton claimed the Hot Shots victory.

Senoia Raceway officially opens its 50th Anniversary season on Saturday, March 9.

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Senoia Raceway – Senoia, GA
Winter Thaw – March 2, 2019

Limited Late Models
1. Dusty Jones
2. John Baker
3. Jacques Daniel
4. Ahnna Parkhurst
5. Glenn Morris
6. Oliver Gentry
7. Curtis Cline
8. Shane Fulcher
9. Randall Powell
10. David Turner
11. Jake Traylor
12. Lawson Hill
13. Russ Ogletree
14. Jimmy Price
15. Bobby Marler
DNS: Shane Criswell
DNS: Chris Fennell

Crate Late Models
1. Payton Freeman
2. Marty Massey
3. Mason Massey
4. Bailey Temples
5. Joe Williamson
6. Brad York
7. Bobby Mills
8. Cody Overton
9. Daniel Casteel
10. Danny Herrington
11. Ty Ellis
12. Dylan Knowles
13. Jamie Maurice
14. Chris Justus
15. Josh Copeland
DNS: Dana Eiland
DNS: Steven Bloodworth
DNS: Wayne Harbin
DNS: Matthew Wyatt
DNS: Chris Carr
DNS: Corey Dunn
DNS: Travis Price
DNS: Lee Fuller

Late Model Sportsman
1. Jack Mills
2. Kevin Bennett
3. Wiley McDaniel
4. Jamie Nicholson, Jr.
5. Chad Atha
6. Donovan Singer
7. Jonah Bozeman
8. Todd Brewster
9. Hunter Worley
10. Mike Abercrombie
11. Tyler Hill, Nowell
12. Zack Lee
13. Chris Steele
14. Dalton Benefield
15. Bubba Gorman
16. Dustin Newell
17. Jordan Benefield
18. Craig Scott
DNS: Buddy George

1. Blake Harmon
2. Austin Aldridge
3. Ryan Ray
4. Landon Degraff
5. Tim Harmon
6. Jonathan Morris
7. Larry Bednar
8. Ben Steele
9. Josh Pitt
10. Tim Anderson
11. Don Cook
DNS: Phillip Wallace
DNS: Keith West

1. Brandon McDaniel
2. Shannon Stephens
3. Stratton Scott
4. Abe Chase
5. T.J. Boetz
6. Ricky Neill
7. Charlie Garrett
8. Dustin Smith
DNS: H.B. Duke

Mini Stock
1. Jamie Godbee
2. Stephen Burnette
3. Harold Leath
4. Doug Smith
5. Cody Lively
6. Tommy Faulkner
7. Joshua Till
8. Evan Lancaster
9. Russell Teal

1. Jason Turner
2. Chris Storey
3. Ritchie Grantham
4. Dawson Martin
5. Griffin Alexander
6. Dave McWilliams
7. Johnny Stinchcomb
8. Jason Faircloth
9. Cade Pierce
10. Chris Elliott
11. Austin Johnson
12. Brant Hardin
DNS: Joshua Allen
DNS: Lucas Pittman

Hot Shots
1. Clint Thornton
2. Brian Wallace
3. Rick Ricks
4. Jayce Swint
5. Mike Roberson
6. Trent Griffith
7. Ernie Turner
8. Jordan Wallace
9. Brandon Henderson
10. Albert Ussery
11. David Dunn
12. Paul Heitsentether
13. Bryson Ussery

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