Friday July 19th, 2019 7:23PM

Flowery Branch gets good report from budget audit

By Caleb Hutchins Reporter

The Flowery Branch City Council heard good news from its annual budget audit at its meeting Thursday.

The review was preseneted at the by Wayne Tuck of Walker, Pierce and Tuck, P.C. and it showed that the city's revenues grew last year at about the same rate that its expenses did. Tuck said that those numbers made it easy for the city to balance its budget for the coming year.

Earlier in the same meeting, the city council voted to approve a budget amendment that would balace the budget by moving just over $300,000 from several revenue sources including property taxes and building and sign permits into the city's water and sewer funds.

Tuck said that the healthy revenues could also make future projects in the city easier.

"I know that now that the city's been able to complete the city hall major project, I know there's some future focus on water and sewer projects," Tuck said. "This nice of an income statement and balance sheet is going to assist the city in those."

The report was made on the city's Fiscal Year 2018 budget.

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