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Former governor to teach politics at University of North Georgia

By AccessWDUN Staff

Former Gov. Nathan Deal will be teaching a political course at the University of North Georgia during the spring semester, which begins early next year.

Nathan Deal spoke several times to UNG classes this fall and as a Regents professor will teach a special topics course, "Politics in the Peach State," in spring 2020.

UNG political science students learn about the functions of government through a variety of methods. This fall, some of them gained such lessons firsthand from Deal, who served as Georgia's governor from 2011-19, represented Georgia's 9th District in the U.S. House of Representatives for 17 years and was a state senator for 12 years.

Deal will also bring in guest lecturers on a regular basis.

"The excellent part of this course will be the opportunity to not only learn about Georgia politics from the former governor's perspective but to hear from other important figures in Georgia state politics," said Dlynn Williams, department head of Political Science and International Affairs at UNG. "This experience will greatly enhance the networking possibilities for UNG political science students."

This course will include introduction of contemporary political written material and interaction with a range of speakers who have created successful careers working in the political sciences and statecraft. This course will provide real-world perspectives on public policy and politics and how the two are not necessarily the same.

"It is a tremendous opportunity for our students not only to learn from the experiences former Gov. Deal can share from his long, successful career, but also to interact with him in a smaller classroom setting where they can ask questions and explore topics in-depth with him," said Dr. Chaudron Gille, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at UNG.

Before Deal entered politics, he was a criminal prosecutor, a Hall County juvenile court judge, and an Army captain. He also was an attorney with a private practice for 23 years.

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