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Hiett grabs Gobbler/Johnson Memorial SLM win at Boyd’s

By Brandon Reed Reporter
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Jason Hiett got a Thanksgiving feast a few days early, as he took top honors in Saturday’s running of The Gobbler / Joe Lee Johnson Memorial at Boyd’s Speedway in Ringgold, Georgia.

The Oxford, Alabama racer held off Jadon Frame around the 1/3-mile clay raceway to score the victory and the $3,500 winner’s payday.

Dawsonville, Georgia’s Donald McIntosh followed the top two across the finish line to take third, with Riley Hickman in fourth and John Owenby in fifth.

David Payne, Booger Brooks, Andy Standridge, Jay Scott and Jason Welshan rounded out the top ten.

In other action, Ahnna Parkhurst edged out Ethan Hunter to score the win in the Crate Late Model feature. Sam Seawright followed in third, with Chip Brindle in fourth and Trevor Sise in fifth.

Matt Stewart took the victory in the Sportsman feature. Spencer Singleton, Sawyer Tinker, Hayden Swaney and Brad Seagle rounded out the top five.

Duke Lowe was the winner in the Super Stock feature. Jim Gilbert followed in second, with Eric Hughes in third, Charles Devine in fourth and Jacob Stewart in fifth.

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Boyd’s Speedway – Ringgold, GA
The Gobbler / Joe Lee Johnson Memorial – November 15-16, 2019

Super Late Models
1. Jason Hiett
2. Jadon Frame
3. Donald McIntosh
4. Riley Hickman
5. John Owenby
6. David Payne
7. Booger Brooks
8. Andy Standridge
9. Jay Scott
10. Jason Welshan
11. Ahnna Parkhust
12. Brandon Brown
13. Christian Hanger
14. Jordan Rodabaugh
15. Ronnie Johnson
16. Heath Hindman
17. Andrew Littleton
18. Ray Cook
19. David Seibers
20. Robby Mason
21. Justin Litchford
22. Todd Morrow
23. Casey Turman

Crate Late Models
1. Ahnna Parkhurst
2. Ethan Hunter
3. Sam Seawright
4. Chip Brindle
5. Trevor Sise
6. Zach Sise
7. Jimmy Elliott
8. Jesse Lowe
9. Colby Kilgore
10. Jeremry Shannon
11. Terry Poore
12. Seth Whimpy
13. Deke Waters
14. Andy Picklesimer
15. A.J. Carlisi
16. William Blankenship
17. Logan Palmer
18. Joe Denby
19. John Owenby
20. Drew Kemedy
21. Jason Welshan
22. Bryan Pritchard
23. Josh Amacher
24. Scott Hall

1. Matt Stewart
2. Spencer Singleton
3. Sawyer Tinker
4. Hayden Swaney
5. Brad Seagle
6. Larry Higgins
7. Derek Franks
8. Stevie Brannon
9. Canon Cochran
10. Clayton Miller
11. Carden Cochran
12. Michael Barnett
13. Wiley McDaniel
14. Cade Brookshire
15. Jordan Womack
16. Tom Watson
17. Jackie Waits
18. Freddie Smith
19. Brent Clark
20. John Clark
21. Matt Dooley
22. Jermey Broome
DNS: Ryan Zebeau
DNS: Colton Roberts

Super Stock
1. Duke Lowe
2. Jim Gilbert
3. Eric Hughes
4. Charles Devine
5. Jacob Stewart
6. Josh Henry
7. Sam Jones
8. Brandon Francis
9. Logan Exum
10. Brady Lee
11. Johnathan Sims

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