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Roulette rolls to State Championship LLM win at Lavonia

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Corey Roulette closed out the regular 2019 dirt track season in Northeast Georgia with a big win on Sunday.

Roulette beat out a stout 16-car field to score the Limited Late Model portion of the Georgia State Championship race at Georgia’s Lavonia Speedway.

The Cumming, Georgia speedster beat out Kenny Collins and Jimmy Johnson around the 3/8-mile clay oval, taking home the $2,000 top prize for his efforts.

Collins had to settle for second, with Johnson following in third. Drew Benfield finished fourth, with David McCoy in fifth.

Justin Sims, Bubba Russell, Daniel Wilson, Chris Woods and Stephen Segars rounded out the top ten.

In other action David Smith edged out Dale Timms to take the victory in the 602 Late Model feature. Austin Mintz finished third, with Ty Lowe fourth and Blake Craft fifth.

Trae Kirk scored the win in the 602 Chargers feature, with Baron McDowell in second, Peter Petropoulus in third, Kevin Kelly in fourth and Jonathan Montgomery in fifth.

Chris Cape beat out Chad Puckett for the Modified Street feature victory. Daniel Doster finished in third, followed by Jordan Poole in fourth and Smokey Roberts in fifth.

Jack Hill topped the Stock 8 field for take the feature victory. Nathan Bowen, Stephen House, Ronnie Poole and Brady Hunt rounded out the top five.

Travis Mosley took top honors in the Stock 4/MMSA feature. Matt Gilbert followed in second, with Jamie Mattison in third, Terry Caples in fourth and J.J. Garrett in fifth.

Jeff Parsons was first under the checkered flag to take the Open Wheel Modified feature victory. Chris McKeehan finished second, with Jeremy Steele third, Jeff Robinson fourth and Chris Stowe fifth.

Austin Brown took the win in the Young Guns feature, with Garrett Killman in second, Tanner Nation in third, Hoyt Partain in fourth and Jacob Kelly in fifth.

Travis Jamison was the winner in the Front Wheel Drive feature. Hunter Anthony came home in second, with Scott Parker in third, J.B. Moser in fourth and Randy Hill in fifth.

The event overall drew 164 cars across nine divisions.  Lavonia Speedway will play host to the Extreme Dirt Car Series on Sunday, December 15. For more information, visit

Lavonia Speedway – Lavonia, GA
Georgia State Championship – November 16-17, 2019

Limited Late Model
1. Corey Roulette
2. Kenny Collins
3. Jimmy Johnson
4. Drew Benfield
5. David McCoy
6. Justin Sims
7. Bubba Russell
8. Daniel Wilson
9. Chris Woods
10. Stephen Segars
11. Will Harris
12. Ted Crunkleton
13. Mason Tucker
14. Scott Frady
15. Clint Armstrong
16. James Roulette

602 Late Model
1. David Smith
2. Dale Timms
3. Austin Mintz
4. Ty Lowe
5. Blake Craft
6. Jeremy Mayfield
7. Monk Gulledge
8. Parker Herring
9. Chris Woods
10. John Howard
11. Clay Thompson
12. John Price
13. David Conner
14. Kris Norwood
15. Lance Chitwood
16. Brandon Stroud
17. Rod Tucker

602 Chargers
1. Trae Kirk
2. Baron McDowell
3. Peter Petropoulus
4. Kevin Kelly
5. Jonathan Montgomery
6. Dawson Martin
7. Jay Merck
8. Cade Cagle
9. Nick Carter
10. Ben Dunson
11. Sam Carter
12. Jim Scuse
13. Connor Pilgrim

Modified Street
1. Chris Cape
2. Chad Puckett
3. Daniel Doster
4. Jordan Poole
5. Smokey Roberts
6. Wayne Scott
7. Calvin Miller

Stock 8
1. Jack Hill
2. Nathan Bowen
3. Stephen House
4. Ronnie Poole
5. Brady Hunt
6. Shannon Duck
7. Wendell Taylor
8. Terry Calhoun
9. Seth Brown
10. Joe Anders
11. Jacob Trotter
12. Chance Segars
13. Nickoli Holcomb
14. Evan Brown
15. Bobby Rhinehart
16. Rusty Jordan
17. Darryl Matheson
18. Chris’s Harvell
19. Ty Anglin

Stock 4/MMSA
1. Travis Mosley
2. Matt Gilbert
3. Jamie Mattison
4. Terry Caples
5. J.J. Garrett
6. Scott Hollers
7. Harley Holden
8. Shannon Ethridge
9. Bobby Shelton
10. Kenny Donna
11. Kevin Kelly
12. Kevin Cooper
13. Kyle Braswell
14. Alan Cantrell
15. Roger Cothran
16. Matt Gerrin
17. David Ivester
18. Jacob Rohme
19. Baillie Lowe
20. Dennis Kirk
21. Johnny Raines
22. Nick McCall
23. Jamie Massey
24. Elliott Brayboy
25. Darrell Gilbert
26. Randy Boshears

Open Wheel Modified
1. Jeff Parsons
2. Chris McKeehan
3. Jeremy Steele
4. Jeff Robinson
5. Chris Stowe
6. Stanley Hill
7. Chris Nickerson
8. Daniel Black
9. Mike Fain
10. Keith Baker
11. Shane Strickland
12. Matthew Wall

Young Guns
1. Austin Brown
2. Garrett Killman
3. Tanner Nation
4. Hoyt Partain
5. Jacob Kelly
6. Cole McKeehan
7. Ryan Baker
8. A.J. Barker
9. Aden Fortson

Front Wheel Drive
1. Travis Jamison
2. Hunter Anthony
3. Scott Parker
4. J.B. Moser
5. Randy Hill
6. North West
7. Tony Stevens
8. Johnny Dobbins
9. Josh Valentine
10. James Klauke
11. Justin Sorrow
12. Michael Davis
13. Sean Rice
14. Chris Norris
15. T.J. Hill
16. Steve Collins
17. Wayne Glenn
18. Chris Beachum
19. Gabriel Gordon
20. Ricky Hill
21. Wayne Cowart

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