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Shun Thomas scores Hobby victory at Hartwell Speedway

By Brandon Reed Reporter
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Shun Thomas wrote his first page in the history book at Georgia’s Hartwell Speedway on Saturday night.

The Westminster, South Carolina speedster drove to the front of the Hobby feature at the 3/8-clay raceway, and held off Shane Yarbrough for the victory.

It’s the first win for the 37-year-old at the venerable Northeast Georgia speedplant.

Yarbrough had to settle for a second place finish, with Nick Carter in third, Alex Yarbrough in fourth and Scott Slama in fifth.

In other action, Stephen Segars made his first trip of the season to Hartwell’s victory lane, as he held off Scotty Chatham for the win in the combined Limited/Crate Late Model feature. Grant Jordan followed in third, with Ashley Poole fourth and Eric Veal fifth.

Chris Cape took home top honors in the Modified Street feature. Thomas Segars finished in second, with David Archer in third, Preston Strickland in fourth and Johnny Pilgrim in fifth.

Steven House was the winner in the Stock V8 feature. Shannon Duck, Evan Brown, Rocky Jones and Paul Moore rounded out the top five.

Jeffery Lord made another trip to victory lane with a win in the Stock Four feature. Pete Whitley followed in second, with Jeremy Fassett in third, Jonathan Griffin in fourth and Brent Couch in fifth.

Randy Shaw took the victory in the Up Front feature, with Joel Powell, Sr. second, North West third, Wayne Chapman fourth and Kalen Holmes in fifth.

Hartwell Speedway returns to action on Saturday, May 12, including a visit by the NVRA Vintage Racers. For more info, visit

Hartwell Speedway – Hartwell, GA
Race Results – May 5, 2018

1. #42 Shun Thomas
2. #141 Shane Yarbrough
3. #00 Nick Carter
4. #41 Alex Yarbrough
5. #61 Scott Slama
6. #418 Greg Scoggins
7. #18 Jay Motes

Limited/Crate Late Models
1. #114 Stephen Segars
2. #122 Scotty Chatham
3. #05 Grant Jordan
4. #418 Ashley Poole
5. #3A Eric Veal

Modified Street
1. #9 Chris Cape
2. #5 Thomas Segars
3. #39 David Archer
4. #94 Preston Strickland
5. #19 Johnny Pilgrim
6. #45 Chad Hoopaugh

Stock V8
1. #4 Steven House
2. #33 Shannon Duck
3. #9 Evan Brown
4. #101 Rocky Jones
5. #35 Paul Moore
6. #14 Chase Segars
7. #34 Cord Crowe
8. #55 Seth Brown
9. #19 Nathan Bowen
10. #26 Bradlee Jones
11. #94 Matthew Wall

Stock Four
1. #13 Jeffery Lord
2. #7x Pete Whitley
3. #17 Jeremy Fassett
4. #4 Jonathan Griffin
5. #28C Brent Couch

Up Front
1. #44 Randy Shaw
2. #89 Joel Powell, Sr.
3. #69 North West
4. #73 Wayne Chapman
5. #18 Kalen Holmes
6. #57 D.J. Carey
7. #23 Jason Richey
8. #45 J.J. Sorrow
9. #24 Alex Powell
10. #8 Stacy Foster
11. #07 Bradley Tillman
12. #48 Andrew Smith
13. #19 Cameron Fitzpatrick

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