Thursday April 25th, 2019 4:03PM

Expert: Proactive parenting important in the digital age

By Rebecca Hubbard Reporter/Anchor

Twenty-four hour news, social media, and smart devices make it extra difficult to filter what information your child gets exposed to.
Child and Family Therapist Adam Russo says protecting them can be exhausting if you're trying to, "...shield them from things at home, shield them from the internet, shield them from TV, and shield them from everything. But if you just pick and choose where you're going to shield them, then it's pointless. You're just chasing your tail."

He says kids are bombarded with information everywhere, even from friends, and it's important to figure out what you want to filter and why.

He explained that, "As adults we know that there are complicated situations that we're going to be in. There's going to be uncomfortable things that we're going to hear about and if we think our job is just to protect our kids from this, we're doing them a disservice."

Russo suggests being proactive and planning out how and when you will talk to your kids about sensitive topics.

He adds that having these talks sooner rather than later ensures no one else talks to them before you do.

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Expert: Proactive parenting important in the digital age
Child and family therapist says educating children may be more valuable than shielding them completely.
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