Wednesday March 29th, 2023 4:11PM

Suwanee to upgrade sound system at Town Center Park

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Visitors to Town Center Park in Suwanee might notice a change the next time an event is happening, as city leaders consider a $13,000 upgrade to the park's sound system.

Currently, the park features 7.5 acres of lawn area, but only one sound system — the stage in the southwest corner.

"When we have events, like concerts or big festivals where there's on-stage entertainment, really you only get to experience it ... if you're right up next to the stage in the ampitheater area," said Denise Brinson, assistant city manager, in a phone interview.

Leaders are looking to put six wireless speakers on existing lamp posts around the park, which means the sound in the immediate vicinity of the stage can be turned down, too, since the sound will be more spread out.

"We kind of blow out the ears of the vendor booths and people that are right up next to the stage. This will just allow us to have a lot more flexibility," said Brinson.

Outside of events, the speakers will allow for staff to play music during regular operating hours, like an upbeat playlist in the summer as children play in the fountain, or a holiday tune during the Christmas season.

"We're thinking of doing 'Metallica Mondays' too," Brinson joked.

City council members got an update on the plans at their work session Thursday.

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