Thursday July 9th, 2020 5:28PM

LISTEN: What we keep and why

By Bill and Joel
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Gerit Quealy, author of 'Botanical Shakespeare' joins the Morning Show 12-31-18
Author Gerit Quealy joins Joel Williams on WDUN's Bill and Joel Morning Show to talk about her book 'Botanical Shakespeare'
10:00AM ( 3 months ago )
LISTEN: The impact on Trump's steel, aluminum tariffs on America's world energy dominance
Drew Johnson, Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, joins the show to discuss the potential fallout from President Trump's recently-imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.
8:00PM ( 3 months ago )
Author and former Israeli mayor David Rubin joins Morning Talk 12-26-18
David Rubin joined Joel Williams on WDUN's Morning Talk
9:30AM ( 3 months ago )
WDUN Show Clips
LISTEN: Governor-elect Kemp talks with WDUN about election, future plans
Fresh off the announcement of his 41-member transition team, Governor-elect Brian Kemp was a guest Tuesday on WDUN's Morning News with Bill & Joel.
8:21AM ( 4 months ago )
LISTEN: What we keep and why
Bill Shapiro talks about the book he wrote with Naomi Wax "What We Keep" with Bill and Joel. In it they share stories from 150 people about that one object in their lives that brings them "joy, magic, and meaning". Give it a listen and then think about the object that you keep.
3:30PM ( 5 months ago )
LISTEN: Bill Belichick biographer talks the legendary coach's legacy
ESPN.com's Ian O'Conner joins the show to discuss his newest book "Belichick," which has been called the definitive biography of legendary coaching figure Bill Belichick.
5:00AM ( 6 months ago )
Morning News with Bill & Joel
LISTEN: Traveling on budget airlines
Annita Thomas with WDUN's Travel Bags joins the show to share some tips on how best to travel on budget airlines in 2019.
By Bill & Joel
9:00PM ( 3 days ago )
LISTEN: Diagnosing and treating heartworms in your cat
Dr. Marie Lance with Gainesville's Lance Animal Hospital joins the show to inform viewers how they can take care of any heartworm-related issues that might pop up with their feline friend.
By Bill & Joel
8:00PM ( 3 days ago )
LISTEN: A mother's journey after being told she had an 'unteachable' child
Author Lois Letchford joins the show to discuss her book, "Reversed," which chronicles her family's journey after being told her son was "unteachable" and would never moved past a third grade level of education.
By Bill & Joel
8:30PM ( 4 days ago )
LISTEN: New York Times bestselling author on the life of Wild Bill Hickok
Author Tom Clavin joins the show to discuss his new book "Wild Bill: The True Story of the American Frontier's First Gunslinger."
By Bill & Joel
8:24PM ( 1 week ago )
LISTEN: Award-winning adventurer talks completing 5,000+ mile charity marathon
Jamie McDonald, AKA Adventureman, joins the show to discuss his recent completion of cross-country trek that raised $200,000 for sick children.
By Bill & Joel
9:00PM ( 1 week ago )