Monday June 24th, 2019 5:07AM

Amendment No. 2: Creation of a business court

By AccessWDUN

Amendment No. 2 would allow the creation of a statewide business court with a statewide jurisdiction for use under certain circumstances, including Involving securities, antitrust, intellectual property, cybersecurity or biotechnology issues. Cases would continue to be filed in superior or state court but could be removed to the business court on motion. A business court judge, not the superior or state court judge, would rule on the issue of removal. 

The court's judges would be appointed by the governor, approved by a majority vote of the Senate and House judiciary committees, and serve a term of five years. Judges could be reappointed for any number of terms under the measure.

A YES vote supports the creation of a business court with judges appointed by the governor.

A NO vote opposes the measure.

Ballot language:

House Resolution No. 993
Resolution Act No. 410
Ga. L. 2018, p. 1130

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to create a state-wide business court, authorize superior court business court divisions, and allow for the appointment process for statewide business court judges in order to lower costs, improve the efficiency of all courts, and promote predictability of judicial outcomes in certain complex business disputes for the benefit of all citizens of this state?

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