Tuesday April 20th, 2021 6:01AM

Gas prices are in decline, officials say

Gas prices are on the decline, at least for now, according to experts with AAA auto club.

Prices declined in Georgia in eight of the previous nine days, averaging $2.28 per gallon as of Sunday, though that figure is still 19 cents higher than prices consumers saw at the pump in April 2016.

"Falling oil and wholesale gas prices should signal lower prices at the pump this week," said Mark Jenkins, spokesman.

"However, oil prices have been fickle this year, so motorists should expect continued volatility in the next couple of months as oil prices fluctuate, demand rises, and refineries complete the switchover to more expensive summer blends."

The cheapest gas in the state is in the Augusta area at an average price of $2.20 per gallon, while the most expensive fuel is in Savannah at $2.32 per gallon.

Jenkins said prices have climbed 14 cents since February.

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