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Suwanee mulls update to alcohol rules at Town Center Park

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Suwanee City Council is considering an update to its alcohol ordinance to allow for patrons to have alcoholic beverages in Town Center Park on any given day, instead of event days.

The update would still not allow for "BYOB" (bring your own beer), but would allow patrons to carry a drink at all operating hours for the park on any operating day, instead of events, according to Marty Allen, city manager.

"We currently have a system that's evolved over the years, and become a little bit unwieldy," said Allen.

"We're looking to clean that up and permit alcohol on all days to be taken from licensed businesses adjacent to the park and into the park itself."

Translation: You can buy a drink from any business in Town Center Park, and have it with you as you walk around on any given day. This used to be allowed only on event days, like Suwanee Fest, but is now allowed any day Town Center Park is open.

Allen said there are no plans to allow for "BYOB," adding that the city wanted residents to support local businesses instead.

"We want to be able to manage it, maintain it and support the restaurants that are here. You'll always be able to buy it onsite, never bring it," said Allen.

Council members will vote on the update at their next voting session March 28.

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