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Banks County holds line on tax millage, sets new deadline

By Rob Moore Reporter
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HOMER — The Banks County Commission has set the 2016 property tax millage for the county at 9.566 mills.

The general county maintenance and operation was set at 14.948 mills, minus a 5.382 local option sales tax reduction to reach the total county millage for 2016 of 9.566 mills.

"I want to commend my board again for being good stewards of Banks County taxpayers' dollars," said Chairman Jimmy Hooper. "This is the fourth year that we've been able to increase services, increase facilities, increase pay for our employees and still maintain the same millage rate. We're excited about that, and it looks good for maybe a couple of years for it to continue in this manner."

The 9.566 rate is down from 9.615 in 2015, and will generate $4,494,206, also down from 2015.

Commissioners got good news from the county's constitutional officer charged with collecting taxes.

"The second thing is I want to commend Becky Carlan, the Banks County tax commissioner, for her diligent work and the efficiency of her staff, which means that we're going to be able to get out tax notices almost a month sooner," Hooper said.

Carlan asked commissioners to approve setting Dec. 1 as the 2016 property tax due date, moving the deadline forward roughly three weeks. Commissioners unanimously approved her request.

"Instead of having to pay your Christmas money for your taxes, you'll have almost a whole month before Christmas," Hooper said. "They'll be due Dec. 1 this year. Many people in the community have requested that, and I'm glad that Ms. Carlan was able to do it."

Carlan said she wants to see that earlier collection deadline perpetuated in future years.

"That's her goal and that's our goal that it will stay there forever," Hooper said.

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