Monday October 25th, 2021 9:55AM

LISTEN: 1776 to today...less has changed politically than you might think

By Bill and Joel

Dr. Steven Pincus, author of "The Heart of the Declaration", talks with WDUN's Bill and Joel about the similarities of issues faced in the days of the Declaration of Independence's signing and today.

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Year in Review: The Afternoon News Wrap takes a look at some notable North Georgia deaths in 2016
As the year winds down and the calendar turns to 2017, the Afternoon News Wrap brought in AccessWDUN Contributing Editor Ken Stanford to discuss a few notable individuals from the North Georgia area that passed away in 2016.
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LISTEN: Law enforcement reacts to Monday's Lavonia police shooting
Two Lavonia police officers were injured in a shooting Monday evening. GBI special agent Mike Ayers tells of the quick response from local authorities to ensure safety and find the attacker. Also, Baldwin police chief, Charles Webb, expresses the law enforcement community's collective response to attacks on officers and what is being done to maintain morale and safety.
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LISTEN: How the Affordable Care Act being repealed will impact Georgia senior citizens
With the big changes coming to Washington, it is likely a repeal or modification of the Affordable Care Act is in the works. Max Richtman, CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, explains what Georgia's seniors need to know in the situation of a repeal to insure their access to Medicare, and why a repeal could be detrimental.
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WDUN Show Clips
LISTEN:Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton share their "Attitude of Gratitude"
The Very Fairy Princess is back in "Attitude of Gratitude". Co-authors Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton spoke with WDUN's Bill and Joel about this delightful new book for children and what it's like working together.
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LISTEN: James Rickards talks "The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis"
The global economy has made what seems like an incredible comeback after the financial crisis of 2008. But James Rickards in an appearance on The Bill and Joel Morning Show says there's another one on the horizon that could overwhelm the central banks which he outlines in his book "The Road to Ruin".
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LISTEN: How to be the perfect pet host this Holiday season
People coming to share the celebration this season? More and more folks are traveling with their pets. Annita Thomas of Travel Bags recently joined WDUN's BIll and Joel to share tips on how to be the perfect pet host.
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LISTEN: David Baldacci on his new thriller "End Game"
No stranger to the best seller list or the Bill and Joel Morning Show, David Baldacci is back with "End Game" and talked about putting together his latest thriller along with a tease of what fans can expect next.
By Bill and Joel
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LISTEN: Get great photos of Fido with help from Dr. Marie Lance
Taking pictures of your pet can be tricky. But with a little help from Dr. Marie Lance you can get some great shots. Avoid distractions and using a flash are just two of her helpful suggestions. Check out the interview with Bill and Joel for the rest.
By Bill and Joel
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LISTEN: Weekend Vigilante Shelia Zilinsky
Radio host, author, and minister Shelia Zilinsky talks about what Christians can do to battle back in the fight against Christianity.
By Bill and Joel
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LISTEN: Dr. Brent Sharpe on Kidney Cancer
Most kidney cancers are found by accident while doing imaging for another aliment. But found early enough, the survival rate is high. Dr. Brent Sharpe talks about diagnosis and treatment with WDUN's Bill and Joel. They learned a lot and you will too.
By Bill and Joel
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LISTEN: Putting the cuffs on Type 2 Diabetes with help from S. Epatha Merkerson of "Law and Order" fame
Dealing with Type 2 Diabetes can be a real challenge. S. Epatha Merkerson formerly of "Law and Order" shares her experiences with being diagnosed along with a look at her new show "Chicago Med".
By Bill and Joel
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