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Hall Co.: Property assessment notices to be mailed April 17

By Staff

GAINESVILLE - The Hall County Tax Assessors office will mail property assessment notices April 17 to all owners of  land and any improvements to it.  As required by state law, this annual notice will include a written explanation of the value of taxable property and an estimate of the property tax bill.

County officials emphasize that the assessment notice is not a tax bill. The estimate of taxes on the notice is based on the current year's assessed value and the previous year's tax rate. The 2015 property tax rate will not be determined until it is approved by the various governing authorities, such as the county, school boards and municipalities.

Property owners will have 45 days from the date of the notice to file an appeal by mail or in person. Only the USPS postmark can be used to determine timeliness of any appeals mailed close to the deadline. Appeal information, interactive appeal forms and FAQs can be found on the Tax Assessors' website at

While the actual estimate of tax cannot be appealed, property owners have until June 1 to appeal the property valuation based on value, uniformity or taxability.

Appraisers have been making on-site field inspections to update and verify information not only to residential property but commercial and industrial properties as well. Changes in value due to these inspections and updates will be reflected in these notices.

"As is done every year, the Tax Assessors Office has evaluated all of the real property in Hall County to ensure they are assessed fairly and equitably according to state law," Chief Appraiser Steve Watson said.  "Our staff is dedicated to working with any and all property owners who may have questions about their notices or the appeal process."

The Hall County Tax Assessors' Office can be reached via e-mail at, by phone at 770-531-6720, or in person at the Hall County Government Center on Browns Bridge Road.

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