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NTSB investigating fatal Gainesville Plane crash

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GAINESVILLE - A National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Friday said the agency had been working on recovery efforts and investigation of a fatal plane crash in Gainesville Thursday.<br /> <br /> The single-engine plane went down on Palmour Drive near Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport and burst into flames. Gainesville fire officials said the pilot apparently had engine issues after takeoff.<br /> <br /> Nicholas Worrell with NTSB said investigators were also checking maintenance records, reviewing witness statements and doing other investigative work Friday. Worrell expected the bulk of the work to be done in the next three to four days.<br /> <br /> The crash killed one person and resulted in serious injuries to another. The survivor was rescued by a person who worked nearby. Gainesville authorities Friday afternoon had not yet released the victims' names.<br /> <br /> Worrell said NTSB doesn't release pilot or passenger names in crash investigations. Kathleen Bergen with the Federal Aviation Administration also said her agency does not release names. Both agencies referred victim identity releases to local authorities.
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