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Local breeder thinks dog food may be tied to deaths of puppies

By Staff
LULA - A local dog breeder thinks a certain brand of dog food may be tied to the deaths of 13 puppies, and her veterinarian said the theory is worth investigating.

Holly Crumley of Lula, who has been a breeder for 10 years, said she saw an investigative report on Channel 2 News in Atlanta about a Carroll County breeder who felt deaths of some of their puppies had been linked to a variety of Royal Canin dog food. The nursing mothers of the pups had been fed PRO HD42d by Royal Canin.

She said she had just switched to the same brand of food last summer when the 13 pups died at various times. Crumley told the TV station when she returned to a previous brand of food, she had no more problems.

Crumley took her Cavalier puppies to Hall County vet Dr. Marie Lance, who said the breeder runs a pristine operation.

"Her hygiene in her kennel is amazing and her protocols are on the money," said Lance. "So, when we started having puppy August...we did do necropsies and sent them off and they came back with septicemia from E. coli."

She said there were other deaths in December, and the test results on necropsies were the same.

Lance said all of this occurred before they had any knowledge of the puppy deaths in Carroll County, so they were unaware that there might be a link to the Royal Canin food, which is formulated specificially for nursing mother dogs.

While she said she can't be positive there's a link, she said the similarities are such, that it's worth an investigation.

"So we're not sure, but it's highly suspicious that there are links there, so further investigation is warranted for sure," said Lance.

Royal Canin, according to Channel 2, has denied any problems with any of its food products.

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