Saturday May 25th, 2024 11:07AM

Cleveland Council Says No To Grease Trap Variance

By Dean Dyer /WRWH
(Cleveland)- The Cleveland City Council stuck to the book and would not agree to a request for a variance by representative from the Natural Health Center to install a smaller than required full scale grease trap for a restaurant they want to open. Cameron Williams and Chris Ferraro with the Natural Health Center, say they want to open a vegetarian type café next to the Health Center.<br /> <br /> Ferraro told the council Monday night, the café is unlike the normal eating establishment, there will be no fried foods or grease used. The two ask the council to install a smaller under the sink grease trap and to reclaim the residue to be used by local farmers in composting.<br /> <br /> The council cited extensive trouble with previous restaurant owners in the city, who clogged the sewer system with the grease residue. Councilman Ed Young said they have worked for five years to get things cleaned up and the council recently adopted new regulations dealing with restaurants and grease traps. <br /> <br /> Williams and Ferraro site the high cost of installing the larger grease trap, saying it could jeopardize the café, that Williams said customers have been asking for. <br /> <br />
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