Tuesday February 27th, 2024 8:19AM

Perdue proposes crackdown on illegal immigrant document fraud

By by The Associated Press
ATLANTA - Gov. Sonny Perdue on Wednesday said that with the federal government failing to act on illegal immigration, the state will begin its own crackdown on document fraud.

Perdue said 10 new investigators will be placed at those drivers services centers in Georgia believed to be at the highest risk for receiving forged documents. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will also hire three new investigators to assist with follow-up investigations.

Surrounded by state and federal law enforcement officials, Perdue called fraudulent IDs ``a serious threat to homeland security.''

He complained that Congress has failed to act on illegal immigration.

``It looks like we're going to be forced to fight this battle at the front with limited resources and limited jurisdiction,'' Perdue said.

Immigration has become a central theme in Perdue's bid for re-election this fall. The state Republican Party recently ran a television ad praising him for leadership on the issue.

Earlier this year Perdue signed into law a sweeping immigration bill that is set to take effect next year. He also recently visited Georgia National Guard troops who have been stationed at the Southern Border with Mexico.
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