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1991 murder case part of TLC documentary

By By Derreck Booth
GAINESVILLE - The case of a man scheduled to be executed next week for a Hall County murder was one topic in a documentary that aired Monday night The Learning Channel.

The show was called "How to Build a Human: Predictor," and featured video about Stephen Anthony Mobley, who is accused of murdering an Oakwood Pizza Store manager in 1991. "We raised a genetic defect defense in the death penalty case, and they were very intrigued by that and wanted to know more, so they came out, I believe, in the middle of last year, and we actually filmed in and around Gainesville," Gainesville lawyer Dan Summer said.

Summer used to represent Mobley and appeared on the program talking about the case. Summer said the show's producers looked at all aspects of the human genome, from medical to legal implications.

The show's airing came at an ironic time, with Mobley execution scheduled for next Monday.

The Mobley case goes before the state Board of Pardons and Paroles this week. Pardons and Paroles spokeswoman Heather Hedrick said the board appointment Thursday gives up to ten people time to speak on Mobley's behalf. She said it's similar to a clemency hearing but is not open to the public. The hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m.

"I'm not involved in the case anymore. So it's up to his new attorneys and the parole board and the family," Summer said.

Mobley was convicted of murder and armed robbery in the 1991 slaying of Domino's Pizza manager John Collins. He is currently serving sentences for murder, three counts of armed robbery, two possession of a firearm during a crime, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and aggravated assault.
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