Saturday January 25th, 2020 5:27AM
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Morning Talk

LISTEN: Using your business to help you bounce back from personal setbacks and stress
Ursula Mentjes, author of "The Belief Zone," joins the show to discuss how small business owners can use their businesses to help recover from stress and personal setbacks.
7:34PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: Tea Party Patriot discusses U.S. immigration issues
Jenny Beth Martin, Chair of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, joins the show to share her opinion on a number of immigration-related issues facing the country.
10:12PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: The new brand of young Democrats
Republican strategist Chirs Maloney joins the show to discuss what he describes as a new brand of freshman Democratic members of Congress.
8:08PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: Local author shares her life story with "The 19 Cent Millionaire"
Marian Harris joins the show to discuss her first book, "The 19 Cent Millionaire," which she hopes will inspire readers to never give up and always dream big.
8:13PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: The greatest treasure hunt in history
Author Robert Edsel joins the show to discuss his book, "Monuments Men," which describes what Robert called "the greatest treasure hunt in history," as a 12 person crew worked to saved countless monuments, libraries and works of art during WWII.
7:08PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: Revisiting the Penn State abuse scadal
Investigative reporter Ralph Cipriano joins the show for a discussion that revisits the infamous sex abuse scandal that rocked the Penn State community.
7:43PM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: Top travel destinations for 2019
Annita Thomas with Travel Bags joins the show to share the top 5 travel destinations for 2019.
7:00PM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: Traveling during the government shutdown
Annita Thomas with Travel Bags joins the show to offer some useful trips for traveling during the ongoing U.S. federal government shutdown.
8:29PM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: Examining the effects of current trade relations between the U.S. and China
George Magnus, associate at Oxford University's China Centre, joins the show to discuss the effects and implications of the current trade relationship between the U.S. and China.
8:00PM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: President Trump considers declaring national emergency over lack of a border wall
Political analyst Michael Law joins the show to discuss President Trump's recent statement that he is considering declaring a national emergency if he is unable to secure funding for a wall on the southern U.S. border.
10:01PM ( 1 year ago )