Friday April 26th, 2019 10:45AM

Morning Edition with Bill Maine

LISTEN: Facebook's first blind engineer discusses making technology accessible to those with disabilities
Facebook Accessibility Specialist Matt King, who is the first blind engineer employed by the company, joins the show to talk about his endeavors to make technology more accessible to any users living with a disability.
8:56PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: Conservative columnist on the upcoming Congressional recess
Tea Party Patriots founder and Washington Times columnist Jenny Beth Martin joins the show to discuss issues surrounding the Congressional recess coming up in August.
7:30PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: Google Technologist on company's upcoming tech. developments
Ahead of Google's annual conference, company Technologist LaToya Drake joined the show to talk about new product and tech. announcements the company will be making.
7:44PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: Emmy award-winning cameraman and producer discusses his memoir
Journalist Tim Ortman, whose career also included turns as an Emmy-winning cameraman and producer, joins the show to discuss his memoir, "Newsreal: A View Through the Lens When...," which recalls the heyday of network news and the recent change in sentiment regarding news media.
8:14PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: The changing face of housing in Northeast Georgia
Local real estate expert Frank Norton, Jr., joins the show to discuss the ever-change housing landscape across the Northeast Georgia region.
8:19AM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: Policy expert talks judicial court rulings and their effect on the Trump agenda
Rachel Bovard, the Senior Policy Director at the Conservative Partnership Institute, joins the show to talk about President Trump's immigration agenda, and how several rulings on the judicial court circuit are looking to halt the White House's progress.
8:11PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: Dr. Marie Lance on the threat, signs and symptoms of rabies
As we move further into spring, and the outdoor opportunities it affords, Dr. Marie Lance joins the show to talk the increased risk and dangers of rabies.
8:17PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: Dr. Brent Sharpe on robotic-led and assisted surgeries
Dr. Brent Sharpe with ATE Georgia Urology joins the show to talk about the reality of robotic surgeries, and where the tech. may lead us in the future.
5:11AM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: An industry expert on the future of digital currency
Cyber-currency expert Sean Worthington, author of the book "Beyond Bitcoin: the Future of Digital Currency," joins the show to discuss the quickly-expanding world of electronic currency.
8:04PM ( 11 months ago )
LISTEN: AMPED Kids-Helping children through music
April Rooks talks about the newly formed AMPED Kids Foundation's kick-off event May 8th. The program looks to empower children who are under the care of CASA through the opportunity to develop their musical talents.
9:30AM ( 11 months ago )