Saturday July 20th, 2019 7:50AM

Morning Edition with Bill Maine

LISTEN: Author talks new book on renowned conservationist Jane Goodall
Author Dale Peterson joins the show to discuss his new book, "The Ghosts of Gombe," which focuses on the pivotal years conservationist Jane Goodall spent at her research site, wher e startling new perspectives on chimpanzees were discovered.
10:23PM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: A nostalgia-filled look back at the golden age of family road trip
Author Richard Ratay joins the show to discuss his upcoming book "Don't Make Me Pull Over!: An Informal History of the Family Road Trip," which combines pop history with a hilarious memoir to examine the golden age of family road trips.
8:42PM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: Senator David Perdue talks NATO and SCOTUS with Bill and Joel
Georgia Senator David Perdue feels Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed before the mid-term elections and that some Democrats will actually support him.
9:45AM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: The story of "The Matthew Bible," a King James precursor that looked to spread the Gospel to commoners.
Ruth Mangusson Davis, author of "The Story of the Matthew Bible: That Which We First Received," joins the show to talk about the origins of the Matthew Bible, a 16th Century precursor of the King James Bible that sought to spread the Gospel to common folk of the day.
7:47AM ( 1 year ago )
LISTEN: Tips for stress-free summer travel
Annita Thomas with Travel Bags joins the show to offer listeners her top tips for travelling stress-free this summer season.
9:28PM ( 1 year ago )
Tea Party Patriot Bill Pascoe
11:30AM ( 1 year ago )