Monday January 20th, 2020 10:39PM

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When it comes to unanimous Hall picks, Jeter could be No. 2.
When it comes to unanimous picks for baseball's Hall of Fame, Derek Jeter quite appropriately has the chance to be No. 2
8:23PM ( 2 hours ago )
Gaby Lopez wins LPGA tournament in Florida in 7-hole playoff
Gaby Lopez has won an LPGA tournament that needed seven playoff holes and an extra day to finish
7:04PM ( 3 hours ago )
Prince Harry hopes for calmer future, but not much chance
Prince Harry says he's taking a “leap of faith’’ as he steps back from royal duties in an attempt to build a more peaceful life — one free of the journalists who have filmed, photographed and written about him since the day he was born
5:55PM ( 4 hours ago )
Jazz composer and saxophone player Jimmy Heath dies at 93
One of the world's most enduring jazz performers has died
1:09PM ( 9 hours ago )
Rapper, law enforcement shed light on Atlanta mall shooting
Statements from law enforcement and a Kentucky-based rapper are shedding light on a shooting that caused chaos outside an Atlanta mall last week
12:18PM ( 10 hours ago )
Prince wrongful death case dismissed; estate case continues
Minnesota court records show a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Prince's family members has been quietly dismissed in recent months against all defendants
11:14AM ( 11 hours ago )
UK looks to fast-growing Africa for trade ties after Brexit
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Harry have touted the U.K. as an ideal business partner for Africa as their country prepares for post-Brexit dealings with the world
10:38AM ( 12 hours ago )
#MeToo prosecutors deploy experts early to thwart defense
Harvey Weinstein’s defense team is expected to go on the offensive against his accusers when his sexual assault trial opens in the coming days
9:22AM ( 13 hours ago )
Prince Harry: 'Powerful media' is why he's stepping away
Prince Harry has taken aim at the journalists who have dissected his life since the day he was born, explaining why he chose to step back from royal duties
8:08AM ( 14 hours ago )
'Parasite' wins at SAG Awards, so do Pitt and Aniston
“Parasite” has officially infected this year’s award season
11:19PM ( 23 hours ago )