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The Latest: French warn donors of Notre Dame fraud scams
Paris prosecutor's office is urging those making donations for the reconstruction of Notre Dame cathedral to be careful of scams aimed at extorting their money
10:17AM ( 8 hours ago )
Drunk on smoke: Notre Dame's bees survive cathedral blaze
Hunkered down in their hives and drunk on smoke, Notre Dame's smallest official residents _ some 180,000 bees _ somehow managed to survive the inferno that consumed the cathedral's ancient wooden roof
9:55AM ( 8 hours ago )
North Korea nuclear impasse looms over US-Japan talks
Stalled negotiations over dismantling North Korea's nuclear program are looming over high-level talks between the U.S. and Japan.
9:54AM ( 8 hours ago )
Thousands rally in Kiev in support of incumbent president
Thousands of people have rallied in the Ukrainian capital to support incumbent President Petro Poroshenko
9:41AM ( 8 hours ago )
Protesters in Bangladesh after girl is burned to death
Dozens of protesters have gathered in Bangladesh's capital to demand justice for an 18-year-old woman who died after being set on fire for refusing to drop sexual harassment charges against her Islamic school's principal
9:35AM ( 8 hours ago )
Warsaw synagogue 'reappears' on anniversary of ghetto revolt
The Great Synagogue of Warsaw, which was destroyed by the German forces during World War II, was recreated virtually with light as part of anniversary commemorations of the 1943 uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto
9:33AM ( 9 hours ago )
The Latest: Notre Dame artworks are safe, being removed
A top French art conservation official says the works inside Notre Dame suffered no major damage in the fire that devastated the cathedral, and the pieces have been removed from the building for their protection
9:32AM ( 9 hours ago )
Journalist shot dead in Northern Ireland rioting
Police in Northern Ireland say the dissident republican group the New IRA was probably responsible for the fatal shooting of a journalist during overnight rioting in the city of Londonderry
9:02AM ( 9 hours ago )
German survivors of Madeira bus crash to be flown home
A German plane is expected to arrive on the Portuguese island of Madeira on Friday to take home survivors from a bus crash that killed 29 tourists
8:56AM ( 9 hours ago )
Report: Turkey detains 2 people suspected of spying for UAE
Turkey's state-run news agency says authorities have detained two people on suspicion of spying for the United Arab Emirates
8:55AM ( 9 hours ago )