Friday June 18th, 2021 2:58AM

AP World News

The Latest: UK expected to ditch its virus app after delays
Britain’s government is scrapping its existing coronavirus tracing smartphone app and switching to a model based on technology supplied by Apple and Google
9:34AM ( 11 months ago )
Emeritus Pope Benedict in Germany to be with brother
The Vatican says Emeritus Pope Benedict is in Germany to be with his brother, who is in poor health
9:26AM ( 11 months ago )
Europe hit by local infection spikes; China's outbreak wanes
Europe is grappling with local spikes in coronavirus infections as the continent’s lockdown restrictions eased
9:06AM ( 11 months ago )
Europe's central bank hands out 1.3 trillion euros in loans
The European Central  bank has handed out more than a trillion euros in cheap loans to banks as part of its effort to get the economy through the virus outbreak
9:03AM ( 11 months ago )
The Latest: China says outbreak in Beijing under control
A Chinese public health expert says an outbreak of the coronavirus in Beijing is under control and the number of new cases should drop in the coming days
8:29AM ( 11 months ago )
Race for virus vaccine could leave some countries behind
As work intensifies on potential coronavirus vaccines, rich countries are placing advance orders for the inevitably limited supply to guarantee their citizens are immunized first
7:53AM ( 11 months ago )
Mallorca hopes trailblazing tourists kickstart economy
Spain’s Balearic Islands are desperate to kick start their suffocating economy in times of pandemic
7:43AM ( 11 months ago )
Asia Today: Beijing's daily cases drop, India's rise sharply
China’s capital has reported a decline in newly confirmed cases of coronavirus, with a public health expert saying a recent outbreak in the city was under control and the number of new cases should drop in the coming days
7:41AM ( 11 months ago )
Macron to mark appeal that gave birth to French Resistance
French leader Emmanuel Macron is set to mark Charles De Gaulle's famed World War II appeal to resist the Nazis
7:38AM ( 11 months ago )
India cautions China over its claim to area of deadly clash
India is cautioning China against making "exaggerated and untenable claims” to the Galwan Valley area in the high Himalayas even as both nations try to end a standoff after a deadly military clash there
7:08AM ( 11 months ago )