Friday January 27th, 2023 10:31AM

AP World News

Auschwitz anniversary marked as peace again shattered by war
Auschwitz-Birkenau survivors and other mourners have commemorated the 78th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi German death camp in the final months of World War II
10:19AM ( 12 minutes ago )
Norway's last Arctic miners struggle with coal mine's end
For more than 100 years, people came to the remote Arctic archipelago of Svalbard to work in coal mines
10:00AM ( 30 minutes ago )
Ukrainian presidency: 10 killed in latest Russian shelling
Russian shelling has killed at least 10 Ukrainian civilians and wounded 20 others in a day, according to the office of Ukraine’s president
9:58AM ( 33 minutes ago )
Spanish court charges letter bomb suspect with terrorism
Spain's National Court says it has charged a 74-year-old retired man with terrorism for allegedly sending six letters containing explosive material to Spain’s prime minister and the U.S. and Ukrainian embassies in the country
9:51AM ( 40 minutes ago )
Protests against Quran burning held across the Middle East
Angry protesters in several Middle Eastern countries have gathered to denounce the recent desecration of Islam’s holy book by far-right activists in Sweden and the Netherlands
9:08AM ( 1 hour ago )
Palestinians bury dead as risk of flare-up with Israel ebbs
Palestinians were marching in anger as they buried the last of 10 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire the day before
8:55AM ( 1 hour ago )
Several questioned in Croatia over oligarch's missing yacht
Croatian police have brought in for questioning several people over the disappearance last October of a luxury yacht from an Adriatic Sea marina where it was held as part of Western sanctions imposed on oligarchs with links to Russian President Vladimir Putin
7:43AM ( 2 hours ago )
UK student nurse charged with taking bomb to maternity ward
A student nurse has appeared in a British court charged with planning to attack an air force base and taking a home-made bomb to a hospital maternity unit where he worked
7:22AM ( 3 hours ago )
Watchdog blames Syria's air force for deadly chlorine attack
An investigation by the global chemical weapons watchdog established there are “reasonable grounds to believe” Syria’s air force dropped two cylinders containing chlorine gas on the city of Douma in April 2018, killing 43 people
7:10AM ( 3 hours ago )
Jerusalem, West Bank on edge after Israeli raid, fighting
Israel’s defense minister has signaled that the military would stop its airstrikes if Palestinian militant groups halted rocket attacks
7:03AM ( 3 hours ago )