Sunday May 9th, 2021 10:24AM

General Presidential Election News

2 Catholic bishops at odds over Biden receiving Communion
Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco and Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego share Roman Catholicism as a faith and California as their home base
9:03AM ( 1 hour ago )
Trump's 'Big Lie' imperils Republicans who don't embrace it
Donald Trump’s discredited allegations about a stolen election did nothing to save his presidency months ago
7:36AM ( 2 hours ago )
Eyeing reelection bid, Macron looks to repair French economy
President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for bringing France out of the pandemic aren’t just about resuscitating long-closed restaurants, boutiques and museums, but about preparing his possible campaign for a second term
2:46AM ( 7 hours ago )
Stefanik's political evolution mirrors story of today's GOP
There was a brief time, not long ago, when Elise Stefanik wouldn't say Donald Trump’s name
9:29PM ( 12 hours ago )
GOP delegates in Virginia to choose nominee for governor
Tens of thousands of Virginians are casting ballots to choose GOP nominees for governor and other statewide offices this weekend
5:32PM ( 16 hours ago )
In a small New Hampshire town, the 2020 election still rages
A dispute about the vote count in a New Hampshire legislative election is driving a debate among conservatives about the fairness of the country's election process
10:49AM ( 23 hours ago )
Stefanik's rise toward leadership job irks conservatives
Conservatives in and out of Congress are expressing opposition to Rep. Elise Stefanik’s rise toward House Republicans’ No. 3 leadership job
11:19PM ( 1 day ago )
Washington Post says US secretly obtained reporters' records
The Trump Justice Department secretly seized the phone records of three Washington Post reporters who covered the federal investigation into ties between Russia and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign
10:10PM ( 1 day ago )
Arizona Senate assures feds election recount is secure
The Republican-controlled Arizona Senate is telling the U.S. Justice Department that ballots it is recounting from November’s presidential election are secure and the department’s worries about voter intimidation are unfounded
9:17PM ( 1 day ago )
Texas GOP's voting restriction bill passes House
Texas has become the latest Republican-dominated state to advance sweeping new limits on voting, despite no evidence of any problems with last year’s vote and a coalition of state and federal officials calling the 2020 presidential election the most secure in history
4:27PM ( 1 day ago )