Friday July 19th, 2024 10:43PM

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Supporters of scaling back Arkansas abortion ban sue state for rejecting ballot measure petitions
Supporters of a proposal to scale back Arkansas’ abortion ban are suing the state for rejecting the petitions they submitted to get the measure on the November ballot
2:27PM ( 3 days ago )
Arkansas is sued for rejecting petitions on an abortion-rights ballot measure
Arkansas is being sued for rejecting petitions in favor of a proposed ballot measure to scale back the state’s abortion ban
2:27PM ( 3 days ago )
Judge refuses to extend timeframe for Georgia's new Medicaid plan, only one with work requirement
A federal judge has ruled that the Biden administration complied with the law when it declined to grant an extension to Georgia’s year-old Medicaid plan, which is the only one in the country that has a work requirement for recipients of the publicly funded health coverage for low-income people
11:15AM ( 3 days ago )
A Baltimore man died after being sedated and restrained by medics. His mom wants answers
The mother of a Baltimore man who died in police custody after being sedated by medics wants to know whether the actions of first responders caused his death
12:04AM ( 3 days ago )
Tuskegee syphilis study whistleblower Peter Buxtun has died at age 86
The whistleblower who exposed the Tuskegee syphilis study that left hundreds of Black men untreated has died at age 86
6:39PM ( 4 days ago )
A 'new era' in malaria control has begun with a vaccination campaign for children in Ivory Coast
Health workers in Ivory Coast have begun giving children the latest malaria vaccine
2:42PM ( 4 days ago )
Gambia upholds its ban on female genital cutting. Reversing it would have been a global first
Lawmakers in the West African nation of Gambia have rejected a bill that would have overturned a ban on female genital cutting
8:11AM ( 4 days ago )
US health officials confirm four new bird flu cases, in Colorado poultry workers
Four poultry workers in Colorado have been diagnosed with bird flu
11:46PM ( 4 days ago )
Can a Medicaid plan that requires work succeed? First year of Georgia experiment is not promising
By now, Georgia officials expected their new Medicaid plan to provide health insurance to 25,000 low income residents
12:30AM ( 5 days ago )
Richard Simmons, a fitness guru who mixed laughs and sweat, dies at 76
Fitness guru Richard Simmons has died
5:45PM ( 6 days ago )