Monday July 15th, 2024 12:34PM

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Gambia upholds its ban on female genital cutting. Reversing it would have been a global first
Lawmakers in the West African nation of Gambia have rejected a bill that would have overturned a ban on female genital cutting
8:11AM ( 4 hours ago )
US health officials confirm four new bird flu cases, in Colorado poultry workers
Four poultry workers in Colorado have been diagnosed with bird flu
11:46PM ( 12 hours ago )
Can a Medicaid plan that requires work succeed? First year of Georgia experiment is not promising
By now, Georgia officials expected their new Medicaid plan to provide health insurance to 25,000 low income residents
12:30AM ( 1 day ago )
Richard Simmons, a fitness guru who mixed laughs and sweat, dies at 76
Fitness guru Richard Simmons has died
5:45PM ( 1 day ago )
Who is the Buddhist nun who built a global charity from a tiny apartment in rural Taiwan?
In 1966, Cheng Yen, a Buddhist nun living in eastern Taiwan, asked local housewives to contribute 50 cents a month to fund her charity
12:24AM ( 2 days ago )
Federal appeals court says there is no fundamental right to change one's sex on a birth certificate
A federal appeals court panel has ruled that Tennessee does not unconstitutionally discriminate against transgender people by not allowing them to change the sex designation on their birth certificates
7:28PM ( 2 days ago )
Mental health clinics across the US are helping Latinos bridge language and access barriers
Mental health experts, community clinics and politicians are working to create new programs to break down barriers that Latinos might face to getting therapy or treatment
4:53PM ( 2 days ago )
What to know about legal battles on details of abortion rights ballot measures across US
Abortion access ballot measures are the center of a new wave of legal and procedural questions across the U.S. In Arizona, there's a dispute over language to describe a measure that could go before voters in November
4:34PM ( 2 days ago )
Houston hospitals report spike in heat-related illness during widespread storm power outages
Medical officials in Houston say widespread power outages caused by Hurricane Beryl have flooded area hospitals with patients seeking treatment for heat-related illnesses and carbon monoxide poisoning due to using home generators improperly
4:22PM ( 2 days ago )
North Carolina's Medicaid expansion program has enrolled 500,000 people in just 7 months
More than 500,000 North Carolina residents have enrolled in state's Medicaid expansion program in the seven months since it was launched
12:54PM ( 2 days ago )