Tuesday January 28th, 2020 5:07PM

AP Health

Bad timing: New virus poses threat to fragile world economy
China's new virus is striking at a bad time for the world economy
4:54PM ( 13 minutes ago )
US beefs up screening of travelers for new virus from China
U.S. health officials have offered a reality check about the scary new virus from China: They're expanding screenings of international travelers and taking other precautions but, for now, they insist the risk to Americans is very low
4:25PM ( 42 minutes ago )
Germany confirms 1st cases of new virus from China
German authorities say a man confirmed as the country's first case of the new virus that emerged in China is believed to have been infected by a Chinese colleague who visited his workplace last week
3:37PM ( 1 hour ago )
The Latest: UK updates China travel advice amid outbreak
The British government is warning against “all but essential travel” to mainland China amid the outbreak of a new virus
2:49PM ( 2 hours ago )
The Latest: Japan plane is in China to evacuate 200 citizens
Japanese media say a Japanese plane has arrived in the Chinese city that is the epicenter of a new virus and will bring back 200 citizens
2:13PM ( 2 hours ago )
Strike by Seattle nurses, staff closes emergency rooms
A three-day strike by thousands of nurses, staff members and other caregivers has closed two hospital emergency departments in the Seattle area
2:03PM ( 3 hours ago )
The Latest: Canada confirms 3rd case of virus from China
Canada is confirming a third case of the new virus from China that has sickened thousands of people and killed more than 100, British Columbia Health Officer Bonnie Henry said Tuesday the man in his 40s visited Wuhan, China recently and arrived in Vancouver last week
1:36PM ( 3 hours ago )
The Latest: France reports 4th case of new virus from China
France has confirmed a fourth case of a new virus spreading in China, an elderly Chinese tourist who is in intensive care in a Paris hospital
12:54PM ( 4 hours ago )
The Latest: European Union to evacuate citizens from China
The European Union is dispatching two flights to evacuate at least 350 healthy European citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan as a deadly new flu spreads in the region
12:38PM ( 4 hours ago )
'Like I'm trapped': Africans in China lockdown see no escape
While richer countries prepare to evacuate some citizens from China's locked-down city of Wuhan, a grassroots effort has begun among hundreds of African students who see little chance of a similar escape
11:12AM ( 5 hours ago )