Wednesday January 16th, 2019 7:52AM

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Barr seeks to assure senators he won't be a Trump loyalist
Questioned by Senate, Barr tries to assure Democrats that he won't be a Trump loyalist as attorney general
5:49AM ( 2 hours ago )
The rules for Wednesday's no-confidence vote in Parliament
The opposition in Britain's Parliament has put forward a "no confidence" motion, triggering a vote on the future of Prime Minister Theresa May's government that is scheduled for Wednesday
5:37AM ( 2 hours ago )
Trump's attorney general nominee: 'I will not be bullied'
Trump's nominee for attorney general says 'I will not be bullied' by the president or anyone
10:27PM ( 9 hours ago )
Sen. Sherrod Brown to tour early states before 2020 decision
Sen. Sherrod Brown is launching a tour of three states that cast pivotal early votes in the 2020 presidential primary
9:37PM ( 10 hours ago )
After years of King's remarks, why now for the GOP response?
Fellow Republicans' tolerance of longtime Iowa Rep. Steve King appears over, after a seemingly endless string of comments seen as insensitive and even racist
8:13PM ( 11 hours ago )
Liz Cheney's rebuke of King reflects tougher GOP approach
Liz Cheney's rebuke of King reflects new, tougher GOP approach
7:04PM ( 12 hours ago )
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand jumps into 2020 presidential race
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has entered the growing field of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, telling television host Stephen Colbert that she's launching an exploratory committee
6:56PM ( 12 hours ago )
Kirsten Gillibrand takes major step toward White House run
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has taken a major step toward announcing a presidential bid, saying she is launching an exploratory committee for a White House run
6:25PM ( 13 hours ago )
Trump's AG nominee asserts his independence
Trump's nominee for attorney general says Russia probe isn't a 'witch hunt' and his predecessor was right to recuse himself
2:11PM ( 17 hours ago )
AP sources: Gillibrand moving toward 2020 bid in coming days
Several people familiar with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's plans say the New York Democrat is expected to take steps toward launching a presidential campaign in the coming days by forming an exploratory committee
10:37AM ( 21 hours ago )