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Food Inspections


Inspected by: Adetayo Adewolu
Inspection Date: 03/30/2018
Inpection Notes

Violation of Code: [511-6-1.05(7)(b)] Observed accumulated food debris on the internal surfaces of the microwave oven unit in the kitchen which is used to warm up food items for both employees and customers. Ensure all food contact equipment are cleaned frequently and sanitized. Clean to touch and sight. Pic immediately cleaned and sanitized the microwave during the inspection. New Violation. Repeat Violation cos. Corrected On-Site. Repeat Violation. 8-2B Violation of Code: [511-6-1.07(6)(g)] Observed Chlorine Sanitizer solution in sanitizer bucket in the kitchen with a concentration exceeding the maximum allowed. Sanitizer was observed to be more than 400ppm. Ensure the sanitizer concentration is at the required concentration. Note: PIC discarded the sanitizer solution and prepared a new solution that had a concentration of between 50 - 100ppm of chlorine during the inspection. New Violation. cos. Corrected On-Site. New Violation. 12A Violation of Code: [511-6-1.04(4)(w)2] Metal pans with cookies and fried noodles covered with plastic wrap at self-serve buffet for consumer service. Plastic wrap not an effective means of preventing contamination - wrap crinkles and cannot stretch over container after a few uses. Look into container with lid that can be closed after customer serves themselves. Repeat Violation. 14A Violation of Code: [511-6-1.04(4)(k)] Observed scoops with no handles stored inside food items touching the food, in the kitchen. Ensure all scoops have handles and are stored properly with handles stored above the food items. Pic removed all scoops from inside the food containers during the inspection. Repeat. cos. Corrected On-Site. New Violation.

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