Friday January 18th, 2019 9:16PM

Food Inspections


Inspected by: Evan Biles
Inspection Date: 03/27/2018
Inpection Notes

4-2B - food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitiz Inspector Notes: Observed buildup of slime in the interior of ice machine; consulted with PIC on ensuring all food contact equipment is adequately cleaned and sanitized at a frequency necessary to preclude the accumulation of accumulations and debris. Employee will initiate thorough cleaning of machine after hours. 6-1A - proper cold holding temperatures 511-6-1.04(6)(f) - time/temperature control for safety; cold holding (p) Points: 9 Corrected during inspection?: Yes Repeat: No Inspector Notes: Egg rolls beside fryer were found at temperatures of 70-73F. Time and temperature control for safety foods must be cold held at 41F or below. If establishment wishes to hold foods for time rather than temperature, a written policy must be submitted to the Health Authority for approval before foods can use TPHC. In addition to the written policy, the foods also must be properly marked with the time they were removed from cold holding, in order to know for certain when foods must be disposed of, after the 4 hour time frame has elapsed. COS: Egg rolls voluntarily discarded. 12C - wiping cloths: properly used and stored 511-6-1.04(4)(m) - wiping cloths, use limitation (c) Points: 3 Corrected during inspection?: Yes Repeat: No Inspector Notes: Numerous damp wiping cloths left out on prep top cooler, in addition to the side of the grill. When not in use, wiping cloths must be stored submerged in a chemical sanitizing solution to prevent microbial growth. COS: PIC moved all wiping cloths into dirty laundry collection. 13A - posted: permit/inspection/choking poster/handwashing 511-6-1.02(1)(d) - displaying of the inspection report (c) Points: 1 Corrected during inspection?: No Repeat: No Inspector Notes: Inspection report not displayed in drive through window. At least the top third of the most current inspection report must be displayed for public view in the drive thru of establishments that have them. 17C - physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean 511-6-1.07(5)(a),(b) - good repair, physical facilities maintained; cleaning, frequency & restrictions, cleaned often enough to keep them clean (c) Points: 1 Corrected during inspection?: No Repeat: No Inspector Notes: Grease hood soiled with excess accumulation of greases and oils. Physical facilities must be cleaned often enough to prevent accumulations from occurring. Current schedule of once per 3 days is not frequent enough to account for amount of foods being cooked. Recommend once per 2 days.

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