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LISTEN: Insights into opioid prescription addiction
When they were first being used, opioid pain killers were prescribed at 10-12 doses per script. Now they can be as high as 400 doses with some 110 million prescriptions written each year. Dr. Merrill Norton, Pharm.D. and clinical associate professor at UGA, talks about the addictive nature of opioids, what they were intended to treat, and the level to which they are prescribed.
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LISTEN: Candy-laced drugs and how to get your children off drugs
Addiction specialist Scott WIsenbaker talks about drug-laced candies marketed to children and what families can do when they find their children have a drug problem.
5:11AM ( 4 days ago )
Overcoming Opioids: Special schools help teens stay clean
For teenagers in treatment for addiction, returning to school means resisting offers to get high with old friends
7:03AM ( 5 days ago )
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What are opiods?

Opiods are drugs that reduce the intensity of pain signals. The word “opiod” comes from opium, a drug made from the poppy plant

What are they used for?

Many teens and young adults first use opiods when they are prescribed them by a dentist or oral surgeon, often for the removal of molars. Other teens and young adults may be prescribed them for a sports injury.

Why do some teens and young adults abuse opiods?

For a variety of reason – to party and to get high, or to cope with academic, social or emotional stress.

How do they abuse them?

Sometimes people get high by crushing pills into powder to snort, swallow or inject (after dissolving in water). Heroin in an illegal opiod that can be snorted, injected or smoked.

Where do they get the drugs?

The majority of teens and young adults abusing prescription drugs get them from medicine cabinets of family members and friends. Some hand out or sell their extra pills or pills they’ve acquired or stolen from classmates. A small minority of teens and young adults say they get their prescription drugs illicitly from doctors, pharmacists or online.

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LISTEN: Research shows Christian millennials are not going to church, why?
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