Wednesday October 17th, 2018 8:42PM

End The Epidemic

Melania Trump visits babies, moms affected by opioid crisis
First lady Melania Trump toured a hospital's neonatal care unit Wednesday to learn about the treatment being given to newborns suffering from opiate withdrawal, after she was initially delayed by mechanical issues on her plane
4:34PM ( 4 hours ago )
Groups say Medicare discounts threatened in opioids bill
Consumer groups say Medicare discounts for seniors with high prescription bills threatened in opioids bill
4:08PM ( 3 weeks ago )
Administration sends states $1B in grants to battle opioids
The Trump administration is awarding more than $1 billion in grants to help states confront the opioid epidemic, with most of the money going to expand access to treatment and recovery services
2:52PM ( 4 weeks ago )
Major opioid maker to pay for overdose-antidote development
With lawsuits mounting, maker of OxyContin provides grant for nonprofit pharmaceutical company to speed development of lower-cost overdose antidote
3:01PM ( 1 month ago )
A&E 'Intervention' host to speak next week at Intervention: The Truth About Consequences forum
The Partnership for Drug Free Hall will host its latest forum Thursday for families struggling with drug and alcohol addiction
11:00AM ( 1 month ago )
Mom's use of opioids in pregnancy may stunt kids' learning
New research says learning disabilities and other special education needs are common in children born with opioid-related symptoms from their mother's prenatal drug use
12:41PM ( 1 month ago )
Doctors nudged by overdose letter prescribe fewer opioids
In a novel experiment, doctors started prescribing fewer opioids after getting a letter from the medical examiner telling them of their patient's fatal overdose
2:02PM ( 2 months ago )
House approves bill to expand treatment for opioid abuse
The House has overwhelmingly approved legislation designed to give health care providers more tools to stem an opioid crisis that kills more than 115 people in the United States daily
1:25PM ( 3 months ago )
LISTEN: Medical expert describes the recently-released report from an Opioid Task Force
Dr. Patrice Harris, Chair of the American Medical Association Opioid Task Force, joins the show to discus the task force's recent report on opioid abuse and the progress made in the effort to reverse the ongoing epidemic.
5:00AM ( 3 months ago )
House aims at campaign-season bills battling opioid abuse
The House is diving into a two-week vote-a-thon on dozens of bills aimed at opioids abuse
5:03PM ( 4 months ago )