Saturday February 16th, 2019 6:35AM

Oakwood City Council approves mixed use town home community zoning, also brunch bill ordinance

By Alyson Shields Reporter

Oakwood City Council members voted to unanimously approved zoning requests for a town home community with conditions.

The matter was tabled until Monday’s meeting. Councilman Todd Wilson motioned to approve the requests, while Councilwoman Sherri Millwood motioned to approve it with conditions that would be applicable to any developer moving forward. The council unanimously approved the motion to rezone almost 12 acres at 5025 McEver Road from Oakwood Highway Business to Planned Residential Development, and the zoning of just over 15 acres on Oakwood Road and Flat Creek Road from Hall County Residential to Planned Residential Development.

In November, MB Endeavors was denied their rezoning request for the parcel on McEver Road. In December, they returned to the city council and asked to annex several additional partials on Flat Creek and Oakwood Roads. The council voted to reconsider, and tabled the initial request until the January meeting.

"After some consultation with the developer, they chose to combine that into one mixed use development, where they could get a good layout of both single family and multi-family type housing, and to do it in a way with good buffers and minimize some of the impact to the existing infrastructure and properties, little bit less density they came back with," said City Manager Stan Brown after the meeting. "So that's was reconsidered by the council at a previous meeting, then tabled to work out the details."

Brown said the next steps for MB Endeavors would be to submit development plans and the like, which are staff based and wouldn't need to go through the formality of a city council meeting.

And, the council unanimously approved the final reading of the “Brunch Bill” ordinance, which will allow the city to sell alcoholic beverages at 11 a.m. Sundays, starting on February 3.

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