Monday January 16th, 2017 7:46PM

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The Latest: Shakira calls for more early childhood education
The Latest: Shakira is suggesting an antidote for violent conflict and divisive populism: Get more kids in pre-school
6:15PM ( 1 hour ago )
Bank of England Governor: Bank will protect economic growth
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney says the central bank remains ready to protect economic growth in the face of pressures caused by Britain's departure from the European Union
3:38PM ( 4 hours ago )
The Latest: Davos backdrop is 'disruptive transformation'
Klaus Schwab, the founder of the business gathering in Davos, has told delegates that this year's World Economic Forum is taking place at an "extraordinary moment" when a "sometimes-disruptive transformation" is hitting businesses and societies
1:50PM ( 5 hours ago )
The Latest: Biden in Davos backs fight against cancer
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says his "prayer" is that the incoming Trump administration will continue to support the fight against cancer, which kept Biden from running for president after it took the life of his son, Beau
1:18PM ( 6 hours ago )
Correction: Egg Exports-South Korea story
Correction: Egg Exports-South Korea story
12:54PM ( 6 hours ago )
IMF boosts growth forecast for US, cites Trump impact
The International Monetary Fund on Monday raised its forecast for the U.S. economy over the next two years, saying President-elect Donald Trump's policies should boost economic growth, particularly in 2018
12:45PM ( 7 hours ago )
The Latest: CEOs more upbeat despite rise of protectionism
CEOs are increasingly confident about the near-term prospects of their companies despite an array of worries that includes mounting concerns over a lurch among governments toward protectionism
12:31PM ( 7 hours ago )
The Latest: PwC CEO doubts many firms to quit UK over Brexit
The chairman of global accounting and consulting firm PwC doubts that many companies will leave Britain after the country exits the European Union
11:47AM ( 7 hours ago )
British pound sags ahead of prime minister's Brexit speech
After months of repeating the mantra that "Brexit means Brexit," Prime Minister Theresa May is set to reveal details of Britain's closely guarded plans for leaving the European Union
11:28AM ( 8 hours ago )
The Latest: Davos military security costs millions
For 51 weeks of the year, the Swiss village of Davos is much like other Alpine ski resorts _ fairly low profile
11:16AM ( 8 hours ago )