Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 12:22PM


FROM DOWNTOWN: Goodbye to Big Red's "beautiful" greeter
One of the first messages I received after Walt Snelling passed away Wednesday was from my middle sister Kristi, “I believe Gainesville may close down for a day,” she wrote. A notorious provider of tongue-in-cheek material, this particular message from my sister was void of that sentiment. There was no sarcasm in her words, why? Because if a city were to mourn in the aforementioned collective fashion, who better to make it happen than a man who represented it so well for so long?
9:03AM ( 9 months ago )
FROM DOWNTOWN: The era of ineptitude is over, and Georgia football has its seniors to thank
This time last week I had the final play of the Rose Bowl on repeat. I watched the final play of the National Championship once, live, and that is enough.
12:01PM ( 1 year ago )
FROM DOWNTOWN: Stopping to smell the roses
I didn’t think there was a halftime adjustment good enough to bring the Bulldogs back Monday night. After Oklahoma’s last score of the first half, dejected and slumped on a couch, phone attuned to Twitter, I said aloud to no one in particular, “We’re just getting our (hineys) kicked.”
1:03PM ( 1 year ago )
FROM DOWNTOWN: That Christmas feeling
I know, I know, the Falcons and Saints play meaningful football this weekend, Lanierland starts Thursday and Georgia is in the college football playoff, but let’s put all that on the back burner momentarily, i.e., just humor me.
11:42AM ( 1 year ago )
FROM DOWNTOWN: A Bulldog - and SEC title - a long time in the making
I was a Georgia Bulldog long before I existed. Before you stop reading thinking I’ve gone ’round the existential bend, hear me out. I’m back at work today fresh off a four-day excursion to New Orleans. (Fresh may be stretching it a bit, but for the sake of the bosses out there reading this, I’m Outkast-style fresh and clean.)
2:26PM ( 1 year ago )
EXTRA POINTS: QB1 is now QB2, and more observations from the week in sports
I tweeted out Saturday night that Jacob Eason would not start for Georgia again this season. Twitter's 140 characters don't allow for a lot of explanation, so I need to clear a few things up in the aftermath of saying that Eason shouldn’t or won’t start again this season.
4:02PM ( 1 year ago )
Extra Points: Georgia, Falcons look dominant and no, Brian Snitker should not be fired
From prep to the pros Extra Points will bring you reactions to sports biggest local and regional stories on a weekly basis.
5:38PM ( 1 year ago )
FROM DOWNTOWN: Told you, Deshaun Watson is an NFL starter
If you’ve ever watched sports with friends, or strangers for that matter, you’ve seen this scene play out: a nudge of a neighbor’s arm followed by a grin or head nod, but most definitely a point to a television screen, and the words, “told you.”
7:16AM ( 1 year ago )
FROM DOWNTOWN: I've got chills, they're multiplying, because high school football is here
From the time I was a little girl to now, my 38th year, when high school football season starts I have a visceral reaction that is a byproduct of happy memories and exhilarating anticipation, neither of which has quelled over time.
10:10AM ( 1 year ago )