Friday February 22nd, 2019 1:49PM

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The Associated Press
More than 130,000 flee menacing Bali volcano
More than 130,000 people have fled the region around the Mount Agung volcano on the Indonesian tourist island of Bali, fearing it will soon erupt
9:38AM ( 1 year ago )
Tajikistan bans wailing, hair-tearing at funerals
The ex-Soviet Central Asian country of Tajikistan has imposed limits on how its people can act at funerals, including bans on black clothes and loud wailing
9:37AM ( 1 year ago )
Con man steals spotlight as informant in basketball probe
Con man failed in scheme to make movies with money swiped from pro athletes, but succeeded in stealing spotlight in college basketball scandal
9:31AM ( 1 year ago )
Russian doping whistleblower faces arrest if he returns
A Russian court has ruled that doping whistleblower Grigory Rodchenkov should be arrested if he returns to his home country
9:27AM ( 1 year ago )
Twitter to talk to House, Senate in Russia probe
Social media giant Twitter will visit Capitol Hill Thursday as part of the House and Senate investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 elections
9:27AM ( 1 year ago )
UK's May slams Boeing for undermining partnership
British Prime Minister Theresa May has lambasted the behavior of U Boeing after it complained that Canadian rival Bombardier used unfair government subsidies to sell planes at artificially low prices
9:26AM ( 1 year ago )
Former UK leader Brown calls for new economic oversight body
Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the man who gave the Bank of England the independence to set interest rates when he was the country's finance chief, is calling for the creation of a new joint oversight group
9:23AM ( 1 year ago )
Trump waives cargo restrictions to speed help to Puerto Rico
The Trump administration is announcing it will waive federal restrictions on foreign ships' transportation of cargo to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico
9:13AM ( 1 year ago )
The Latest: Dutch minister calls for 'concrete' Brexit talks
The Dutch foreign minister says it is time for "concrete negotiations instead of daydreaming" in Brexit negotiations between Britain and the European Union
9:13AM ( 1 year ago )
Software glitch causes check-in delays at airports worldwide
Authorities say passengers at airports around the world have suffered some delays because of a problem with check-in systems
9:07AM ( 1 year ago )