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The Associated Press
Kennedy Center Honors recognize top artists, skip drama
Rapper and actor LL Cool J and iconic television producer Norman Lear are among the honorees for this year's Kennedy Center Honors
12:18PM ( 4 months ago )
Keillor's successor: Misconduct allegation 'heartbreaking'
The man who replaced Garrison Keillor as host of "A Prairie Home Companion" says the workplace misconduct against Keillor came as "heartbreaking news."
12:14PM ( 4 months ago )
Correction: Sexual Misconduct-Keillor-Thile story
Correction: Sexual Misconduct-Keillor-Thile story
12:11PM ( 4 months ago )
Keillor's successor: Misconduct allegations 'heartbreaking'
The man who replaced Garrison Keillor as host of "A Prairie Home Companion" says the allegations against Keillor came as "heartbreaking news."
12:03PM ( 4 months ago )
Colored pens and coin tosses used to settle tied elections
In Manteo, North Carolina, population about 1,400, the vote for one town commission post was so close that it took two recounts, a drawing of straws and a coin toss to settle the election almost three weeks after voters went to the polls
12:02PM ( 4 months ago )
Revis active _ and a captain _ for Chiefs at old club Jets
Darrelle Revis will make his season debut for the Kansas City Chiefs against his former team, the New York Jets _ and as a captain, no less
11:59AM ( 4 months ago )
STORY REMOVED: BC-US--Sexual Misconduct-Keillor-Thile
STORY REMOVED: BC-US--Sexual Misconduct-Keillor-Thile
11:54AM ( 4 months ago )
Germany: Suspicious package part of extort plot aimed at DHL
Authorities say suspicious package containing nails that led to a bomb scare at a Christmas market in Germany was part of a blackmailing plot against delivery company DHL
11:46AM ( 4 months ago )
Gov. Deal announces expansion of cybersecurity complex
The next phase of a multimillion-dollar cybersecurity training center taking shape in downtown Augusta is expected to be completed by the end of next year
11:34AM ( 4 months ago )
US-backed Syria Kurdish force says east Euphrates free of IS
Syria's main Kurdish forces say it has successfully cleared areas east of the Euphrates river of Islamic State militants
11:27AM ( 4 months ago )