Sunday December 16th, 2018 7:37AM

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The Associated Press
Bowling Green airport to offer daily flights to Atlanta
Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport will soon offer daily flights to Atlanta
4:05PM ( 2 years ago )
Say goodbye to Time Warner Cable: sale leads to name change
Charter Communications completes its acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, and says the names of those companies will go away _ potentially taking a lot of baggage with them
4:00PM ( 2 years ago )
Man sought in fatal stabbing of 11-year-old Houston boy
Houston police are searching for a man they are calling a suspect in the fatal stabbing of an 11-year-old boy who was walking home from school
3:59PM ( 2 years ago )
New Google products, services take aim at its biggest rivals
Google is showing off a new smart-home speaker, a virtual-reality system and a chat service called Allo during its annual conference that serves as a launching pad for its latest products and innovations
3:57PM ( 2 years ago )
Amtrak victims: Investigative findings hard to believe
Victims of last year's deadly Amtrak derailment aren't buying the findings of federal investigators that the train's engineer likely lost his bearings because he was distracted by an incident with a nearby train
3:53PM ( 2 years ago )
The Latest: Garland opponent likes Trump Supreme Court picks
Donald Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees is getting a thumbs-up from a conservative group spearheading opposition to President Barack Obama's nomination of Judge Merrick Garland
3:51PM ( 2 years ago )
Dry winter means more dust storm danger in Arizona, beyond
Dust storms taking shape in the Southwest _ and a large part of the country _ will be worse this year and are already posing dangers for drivers
3:50PM ( 2 years ago )
Moscow police standoff with bank robber who took hostages
Police in Moscow are in a standoff with a man who took hostages at a bank during a robbery attempt
3:48PM ( 2 years ago )
'Oppenheimer Blue' diamond sells for over $51M, new record
The 'Oppenheimer Blue' has sold for a hammer price of 50.6 million Swiss francs ($51.3 million), setting a new record for a diamond sold at auction
3:43PM ( 2 years ago )
Ex-governor: More ugly women than attractive women in US
Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says Donald Trump's past comments on women will likely come back to haunt him because Rendell says "there are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women."
3:38PM ( 2 years ago )